Dori work is an ancient Indian craft that features spectacular embroidery work. This magnificent artwork is achieved with a simple needle and thread. It often uses other stitching techniques such as couching and Zardozi stitching along with the use of fine, multi-colored silk threads. These vibrant threads are used to enhance the motifs and designs of the fabric.

Dori work

The History of Dori

The existence of Dori work can be traced as far back as the Cro-Magnon period. Many pieces of fabric were found containing stitch work patterns. These fabrics were also creatively stitched with precious gems in many colors.

Traditional Dori work was often worked for members of the royal family. During the Mughal period, emperors often patronized this type of work. They often sought this type of embroidery on their costumes and robes. The fabric used to make their attire featured innovatively stitched artwork with stones and gems carefully studded in to the design using Dori embroidery.

Dori Work SalwarThe complexity of the Dori embroidery provided an indication of the person’s class and rank in society. In other words, the more detailed and intricate the Dori pattern, the higher the rank or social class.

Variations of the Dori

Apart from the colorful array of threads used to make beautiful Dori designs, many modern day designers are also opting for metallic colored threads such as silver, copper and gold. Even shimmery colors are taking precedence over regular colors. These threads are being used to create eye-catching motifs and patterns that will elicit admiration from onlookers.

Dori Work Salwar

Application of the Dori

Dori work was originally seen on the traditional attire of royal families, i.e. the Mughals. Today, Dori embroidery can be seen on garments such as kurtis, salwar kameez, tunics, saris, blankets, dress shirts, shoes, skirts, caps and purses. In the fashion industry, the current expression of Dori embroidery features the use of pearls, sequins and semi-precious stones worked into the stitching of the sari.

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