Important Tips to Consider to Buy the Right Kaftan for You

Besides being beautifully endorsed by the vintage legacy of clothing that is popular across cultures, Kaftans are a great way to offer extreme poise and comfort that you may find difficult to get from any other outfit. Especially the women with extra ounces on their waistline, bulging thighs, and unintended curves may get real pleasure earing this lenient clothing that does well to suit any type of body. This elegant dress is one fine ensemble to go with without worrying about the measurements. You can have this dress gracefully and intelligibly covering a multitude of sins on an aging body and making it look great for just any occasion or event. Kaftan Dress is as much applicable on a casual

Traditional Indian Wedding Dresses for Bride’s Mother

Are you looking for awe-worthy outfits and Indian wedding dresses for your mother for your wedding day? The wedding day is not only important for the bride and groom, but their parents as well. It’s a very emotional day for them as they see their princess or prince begin a new journey of life. But that should not stop them from dressing up in the best attire. As the mother of the bride, the focus should be on choosing an elegant outfit for the wedding. We’ve compiled a list of stunning outfit ideas and suggestions for the mother of the bride. Let’s take a look! Indian wedding dress ideas for the bride’s mother The lehenga If you think the lehenga

Five Types of Indian Dresses that Every Girl Needs

No matter how many fashion trends come and go, the love and craze for traditional Indian dresses will forever be on. Indian ethnic wear is a favored choice for all ethnic and festive occasions like weddings, engagements, anniversary celebrations, etc. The trend is further popularized by the Bollywood divas who never fail to make an appearance in Indian traditional dresses at a wedding reception or movie promotion events. Now with more brands and designers to back up the Indian wedding dress trousseau and ethnic wear collection, there are a lot of options and designs available in versatile Indian ethnic outfits. So many options leave many of us overwhelmed and spoilt for choices. You just wait for the opportunity to doll

Outfits you can wear for the end-of-the-year events

It’s the time of the year when you bid adieu to the current year and welcome the New Year with more zest and enthusiasm. With year-end approaching fast, you also need to prep-up for the end-of-the-year parties with your colleagues, friends, and families. While you may have already decided what you’ll wear on New Year’s Eve, there is nothing wrong with going through a few more outfit inspirations and ideas for New Year’s party. This is important – come on who wants to dress up like everyone else; be different and look different. To give you a rundown on some tips to dress-up differently on New Year’s Eve, we have come up with exclusive outfit ideas. Keep scrolling to find


No Indian girl’s wedding trousseau is complete without silk sarees. Silk, known to be first developed in China which was originally reserved only for the emperors, soon found its popularity spreading to other parts of Asia, though the emperors of China tried to keep sericulture a secret but by 140 AD, silk had reached India and from here began a saga of India’s love story with silk. In North and Eastern India, it was called Resham and ‘Paat’ while in South, it was known as Pattu. Being the second largest produce and the largest consumer of Silk, Indian’s fondness for this soft, shimmery fabric can be well understood. It has been customary to wear Silk Sarees for various social functions


To be a bride is once in a lifetime experience, the memories of which she wishes to cherish forever. It is every bride’s dream to look the most beautiful on her wedding and it is important for her to be fashionably attired in her bridal dress to create an everlasting impression of grace and elegance in whatever she chooses as her bridal couture. Lehengas have always been a favourite choice with the Indian brides who make a lot of effort to choose their bridal attire with care so that their big day belongs only to them. They must enjoy the limelight and steal the show with that glamorous look which is so well created by the exquisite jewellery, glowing make-up


Prints definitely accentuate the beauty of the fabric. Prints on the fabrics did not take long to gain popularity ever since they came into existence. India has always been ahead in textile and fashion, giving the world its unique methods of printing. These methods include handwork along with stencils, screen, block prints and tie and dye techniques. Indian printing has an unmatched way of creating the most innovative patterns and designs that are exceptionally alluring and display their unique identity from rest of the world. The Indian printing techniques include skills and methods that have come from the rich legacy of Indian culture, not only recognised but also appreciated and highly acclaimed in the global fashion world. Prints have very


Certain attires personify grace, beauty and elegance in abundance. Some of the Indian women outfits leave a spellbinding impact as they accentuate their beauty in the most appealing manner. Anarkali Salwar Kameez is one of such attires which are truly traditional and ethnic in nature with a long history of origin, worn not only in India but also a favourite with many countries in South-East Asia. It carries an interesting legend as to how it got its name. Anarkali with a literal meaning ‘a pomegranate blossom’ was a courtesan in the court of Emperor Akbar whose illicit relation with the crown prince Salim became notoriously famous with fatal consequences for her but she became immortal when this graceful ensemble of


Every bride wants to make her wedding special and memorable. From choosing unique wedding Indian lehengas or sarees to picking a non-traditional wedding card and venue, there are many ways in which couples try to stand out from the rest and make their day very special. One exclusive way of personalizing your bridal attire is by incorporating your love story into it. Not only is this ultra-sweet, but a special keepsake! This trend of creating a personalized lehenga was first started by designer Kresha Bajaj when she decided to have their love story embellished into her gold and ivory marriage lehenga. She then designed something similar for Samantha Ruth Prabhu’s engagement attire. Both trends went viral, setting a new fashion


When it comes to Indian Weddings, luxury, style, traditions and rituals are integral part of this mega event of grandeur comprising of lively atmosphere, choicest of clothes and designer attires and mouth watering cuisines of different parts of this beautiful country. All this happens with a whole lot of preparation and planning where the minute details are thought over and implemented to make this event a successful affair. It goes without saying that buying the Bridal Trousseau holds a special importance for her as she is the one whose choice and taste will be discussed all over the wedding. One is bride once in a lifetime and why not look your best in the bridal attires that you are going


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