4 Contemporary Salwar Suit Styles Reloading Passé Fashion

Salwar Kameez represents the cultural basics of Indian clothing. It brings in the essence of Indian customary mores and gets you to go by an authentic piece of traditional dressing that gets to fit in every occasion and purpose that surround the Indian way of life. This is the type of clothing that goes with everyone. You can have it across different designs and flairs and it keeps changing every season responding to new fashion trends. You have them available in different styling formats, stitchery crafts, and attire fusions. And this is what makes Salwar Kameez such a great choice of clothing for Indian women. As with time you have seen Salwar Kameez sporting different styles and traits, here’s what

Trending Wedding Salwar Suits for Women in 2020

Salwar suits date back to the oldest traditions and history of women’s wear and predominantly serves the culture of clothing in the Indian subcontinent. Salwar suits have been one of the most popular costumes all across the country and is worn by women coming from all ethnicities and social backgrounds. For those who have not been into wearing salwar suits, it is an Indian attire that comprises of two parts –Kameez and Shalwar. The Kameez is more like an Indianized version of tunic and is worn at the top. The Shalwar is the bottom and is worn like a pyjama. This dress is generally accompanied by a dupatta or a stole. With time Salwar suits have evolved manifold in terms

Top Bridal Salwar Kameez Trends To Follow in 2020

The modern bride’s trousseau is a collection of most cherished bridal outfits and trends that she can carry to her new home. The traditional wear trends get updated with every changing season and year. As 2019 is all set to say goodbye, it is time to prep-up the Indian wedding wear collection with some of the latest trends that will be a hit in 2020. When we say wedding trousseau, it is incomplete without salwar kameez! The traditional Indian wear – salwar kameez, is a three-piece set that includes a salwar/bottom wear, kameez or kurti, and is given a final touch with a dupatta. It is the favorite Indian wear and finds a place at every occasion – formal, semi-formal,

The latest trends in Anarkali Suits to watch for this festive season

When it comes to versatility in Indian fashion – the sky is the limit. From traditional silhouettes to the latest Indo-western coordinates, the Indian fashion line is swarming with versatility and style. One such multifaceted and never-dying trend in Indian outfits is of – Anarkali Suits. Anarkalis salwar suit is a popular form of Indian traditional clothing. The ensemble primarily includes a set of three – a flared kurta (preferably long), a pant or churidar, and a dupatta. The literal meaning of Anarkali is – a gentle bud of pomegranate flower which symbolizes softness, purity, vulnerability, and beauty. By wearing an Anarkali outfit, a woman too reflects an epitome of softness and purity. The eternal trend for festive Anarkali suits

Salwar Kameez: Feel free and dance carefree

Happiness, cheerfulness, enjoyment, and entertainment come in the show when one shows dance moves on Bollywood beats. Dance is a vital part of any function in India that brings life to the moment. No one misses the chance to show their dance moves, even if it is a wedding, party, and other occasions. Salwar kameez is the most comfortable outfit when it comes to dancing. Keeping the elegance of the moment, you can flaunt your unique dance moves in the salwar suit. From Bollywood divas to ordinary women, everyone loves to wear salwar kameez while dancing. What makes the salwar kameez the most common outfit for dance? The comfort, boldness, and enjoyment salwar provide during dancing no other ethnic wear

Traditional Salwar Suits: Gleam in the Sparkle of the Tradition

Indian ethnic salwar suits gone through many changes. These changes made traditional salwar kameez extremely gorgeous. Latest designer traditional salwar suits can make your look stunning. India is full of culture and festivals and ladies love to dress up in varieties on different occasions. With incalculable stylish traditional salwar suits, you can get a different look every time. Embellished salwar kameez with intricate works suits for every occasion. Wear effortless traditional salwar kameez and appear as a stylish fashionista. Straight salwar suits: Get a classy appearance This dress is a great combination of classy and traditional suits. If you want to look graceful and elegant no other dress can compete with this black salwar kameez. Heavy work on the neck,


Patiala salwar suits travelling straight from Punjab’s heart have prettified whole India with its sheer subtleness and charm. You all might have seen ladies around you wearing Patiala salwar kameez and looking absolutely stunning even in that simple attire. Well, that is, the magic of Indian outfits. When you are part of such a nation, who’s ultra-rich in culture and heritage, then you can always try something new every single day just by following the footsteps of someone else’s tradition, and trust us Punjabi dresses are best to begin with. Punjabi salwar kameez, as you can get a hint from its prefix “Punjabi”, these salwar suits are beautifully bright and colorful. Decorative and subtle at the same time to jazz


Anarkali Salwar Kameez personifies elegance and grace at its best. There is no other attire which exhumes poise and modesty along with abundant charm. It is the outfit that the Indian women have given a very special status. Be it casual wear or party or a wedding, these Anarkali salwar kameez can live up to any occasion. This ensemble caters for comfort as well as style. Anarkali is basically of Pakistani origin in which the top is almost ankle length or even floor length in a frock-style shape while the bottom is a slim fitted accompaniment. This suit is also accompanied with a stole or a free flowing dupatta that complements the look. Anarkali suits are made richer with embroidery


Salwar Kameez, as an Indian female attire has gained popularity nationwide and they are worn by all the women, irrespective of their social and cultural backgrounds. Hailing from Punjab, it was the traditional attire worn by the Punjabi ladies and even men, though the shape of the kurta was a little different for both the genders. There was not much of a change experienced in its style in pre-independence or post-independence period, but that does not mean that no innovation was ever tried. Just like the language remains the same but its dialect and accent changes from region to region, in the same manner the same salwar-kameez experienced difference in style and design from one region to other. Though some


Salwar Kameez, a duo hailing from Punjab as a traditional garb soon found its place amongst the traditional wears of India. Though this attire has its earlier roots in Punjab and western Pakistan, the reason why it won the hearts of the people of India is it being comfortable to wear and easy to stitch. Salwar-kameez has been recognised as an undeclared national dress which is worn all over the country by the women of all the social stature, which somehow proved its popularity. We, human beings are always craving for novelty in everything, especially, the fashion and clothes must after a while acquire a new face so that one can enjoy freshness and change in style and the same


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