Salwar Kameez: Feel free and dance carefree

Happiness, cheerfulness, enjoyment, and entertainment come in the show when one shows dance moves on Bollywood beats. Dance is a vital part of any function in India that brings life to the moment. No one misses the chance to show their dance moves, even if it is a wedding, party, and other occasions. Salwar kameez is the most comfortable outfit when it comes to dancing. Keeping the elegance of the moment, you can flaunt your unique dance moves in the salwar suit. From Bollywood divas to ordinary women, everyone loves to wear salwar kameez while dancing. What makes the salwar kameez the most common outfit for dance? The comfort, boldness, and enjoyment salwar provide during dancing no other ethnic wear


Patiala salwar suits travelling straight from Punjab’s heart have prettified whole India with its sheer subtleness and charm. You all might have seen ladies around you wearing Patiala salwar kameez and looking absolutely stunning even in that simple attire. Well, that is, the magic of Indian outfits. When you are part of such a nation, who’s ultra-rich in culture and heritage, then you can always try something new every single day just by following the footsteps of someone else’s tradition, and trust us Punjabi dresses are best to begin with. Punjabi salwar kameez, as you can get a hint from its prefix “Punjabi”, these salwar suits are beautifully bright and colorful. Decorative and subtle at the same time to jazz


Salwar Kameez, as an Indian female attire has gained popularity nationwide and they are worn by all the women, irrespective of their social and cultural backgrounds. Hailing from Punjab, it was the traditional attire worn by the Punjabi ladies and even men, though the shape of the kurta was a little different for both the genders. There was not much of a change experienced in its style in pre-independence or post-independence period, but that does not mean that no innovation was ever tried. Just like the language remains the same but its dialect and accent changes from region to region, in the same manner the same salwar-kameez experienced difference in style and design from one region to other. Though some


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