5 Dhoti Sherwani Styles for the Dapper Grooms

When it’s about choosing a men’s wedding sherwani, you need to find the perfect color and design. You consult your squad to make sure you’re choosing the right outfit. Well, you can experiment with your wedding outfits and buy a dhoti sherwani. Why not? It’s a perfect fusion of North and South Indian dressing. A groom will consider sherwani over tuxedos and Bandhgala suits. He wants to look different from the crowd, and it’s unlikely that you may see many men wearing sherwani at a wedding. It’s the groom’s attire. The long-held tradition of wearing dhoti during festive occasions continues to be prevalent, with millennials taking the style forward. Let’s look at different dhoti sherwani styles and how you can

Top 6 Designer Wedding Sherwanis for the Perfect Groom

You want to look nothing but dapper on your wedding day. You walk miles before you nod to the best wedding sherwani that brings charm to your personality. You search through every nook and corner to decide on your wedding décor. However, it all starts with choosing the right sherwani for the perfect groom. Let us take you through a few men’s wedding sherwani designs that are trend-worthy and could save you the legwork. Pastel Sherwani Pastels stay in vogue whatever the case. Make an entry donning a soothing pastel sherwani that is sure to turn all heads to you. It depends on you to consider baby blue, peach, pistachio green, or the trendy suave pink. Pastel shades bring a

Unique Men’s Wedding Sherwani Designs to Uplift the Groom’s Style Quotient

Bride and groom clothing differ much in terms of range and variety they offer. While you get a lot of new and wide array of designs easily for brides, you get to see limited options when it comes to choosing wedding outfits for men. As you look for options for the groom’s attire, you will find dresses confined within a few styling options that mostly take up conservative and limited choice of design, pattern, and color, that are overly used across fashion trends and timelines. Even if you talk about wedding sherwani, which is the most celebrated attire for grooms, you’ll find them going through the same mediocrity. So, if you go around finding a unique style in sherwanis at


Wedding attires for both the men and women hold a lot of significance especially if it is an Indian wedding which can never be said to be complete without dressing up in the most ethnic style. Indian traditional outfits for both men and women are available in great variety but it would not be wrong to say that a few out of these have always been a favourite and never lose their charm despite the new fashion trends. One such attire is a Sherwani which though is a traditional wear from yesteryears but it still remains as popular as it was in the past. In fact it has become the most sought after and fashionable wear for the new generations


A Sherwani is a long jacket with buttons and bandh gala. Though one can say that sherwanis appeared as a fusion of the British frock coat and an achkan, but soon it was adapted to become completely Indian. Sherwanis arrived on Indian soil to stay forever and become an important part of Indian traditional formal attire especially worn at the traditional ceremonies like weddings. Sherwanis have existed in many forms and our politicians and Bollywood actors have contributed towards its popularity. Sherwanis as a fashion wear never have been considered outdated and Indian bridegrooms do not have to look elsewhere for any other attire as this garb enhances the slenderness as well bring that macho look in the most dignified

For Him: Top 10 Reasons To Wear Sherwani On Your Wedding

Gone are the days when only the brides took so much of time to select their bridal gowns, makeup artists and jewelries for their wedding days; now, even men spend a lot of time in spas, facials and for the selection of their wedding day clothes. If you are looking for the best outfit for your wedding day, let me give you a suggestion – have you thought of wearing a nice traditional Sherwani? Here are the top ten reasons for you to wear this beautiful outfit, as you walk on the stage with your bride: 1) Sherwanis are traditional outfits:  Most of the men prefer going traditional on the day of their weddings. If you are one of such


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