Men’s Ethnic Outfits That Are Trending This Festive Season

The festive season brings a lot of excuses to buy your favorite outfits. And if it’s Diwali we are talking about, it makes sense to explore stylish men’s ethnic outfits. An Indian man looks dapper in a kurta pajama or a sherwani. The custom of wearing dhoti kurta on religious or festive occasions is still prevalent. It’s more about getting closer to your roots and less about fashion. With that said, you have to look trendy too. There’s no harm in flaunting your ethnic style. We refer to Bollywood fashion guides when in doubt, and that’s no secret. Anil Kapoor wore a dhoti-kurta combination at his daughter’s wedding recently. He gave major fashion goals to the younger generation. Let’s get

Indian Kurta Pyjama Styles to Suit Every Occasion

The most common ethnic wear for men is kurta pyjama. This traditional outfit has been in trend for decades. Its demand is still relevant or rather booming with different styles attracting the buyers’ attention. Be it about looking stylish at a wedding or planning to wear something different during festivals: men’s kurta pyjama is an ideal outfit to grace every occasion. Indian kurta pyjama is not only comfortable to wear, but it accentuates your style also. You feel rooted in wearing this ethnic ensemble. Let us look at some kurta pyjama styles which can help you choose your outfit for the next celebrations. Floral Print Kurta Pyjama Floral is back in vogue. Kurtas with floral prints garner attention for unique


Kurta Pyjamas are one of the most comfortable attires which have found their extensive usage in Indian Men’s wear. This attire is a combination of a top wear called kurta which is more like a full-sleeve tunic with a varying length, but commonly below knees. The bottom wear known as Pyjama is a pair of straight loose trousers. The ensemble perfectly suits Indian climate as it does not cling to skin, leaving some room for air. Moreover the pair is available in variety of fabric, ranging from something as light as cambric to a heavy material like velvet, raw silk or brocade. A cheaper and lighter version of kurta pyjama has always been one of the favourite night wears of


India’s versatility and diversity reflects not only in its people, festivals, lifestyles but also clothes which add colour to this vibrant soil which has always set its own fashion trends with its unique yet amazingly beautiful outfits. Each of these attires has been influenced by the traditions and customs of a particular region. There is no denying the fact that fashion has evolved but still holds significance in present, modern times. It is not only women who enhance their beauty, charm and grace with different traditional outfits, especially at the time of big events and ceremonies guided by rituals and religious customs but men too enjoy looking their traditional best in certain age old garbs which have never been out


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