Grace your Big Day with a Beautiful Designer Wedding Saree

The wedding day is a very memorable occasion for both the bride and groom. It’s the day they want to look their best. Every wedding couple probably has a long and tiring shopping journey. When it comes to a bridal dress girls in India prefer to wear their traditional attire like the lehenga and saree. Both bridal wear outfits offer great appeal and have their own grace. lehenga gives you a royal feel with its full flared dazzling bottom on the other hand a beautiful designer wedding saree brings you in a most glamorous and impressive shape with a decent drape. A saree knows exactly what to conceal and reveal in a woman, this is the reason every woman wears


Some of the Bollywood celebrities have always been known for their iconic style. Mumtaz, the Bollywood actress of yesteryears ruled over many hearts. It was not that she only held men’s attention, even women admired her unique way of dressing up especially the way she wore her sarees. Mumtaz style Saree has been till date fascinating the women. This is so because it is unlike the traditional or conventional way of tying the saree. It makes one look slimmer and also accentuates the curves in a complimentary manner. Be it any occasion, this style of wearing saree never fails to create sensation. In fact it would not be wrong to say that Mumtaz style is timeless and perennial. It would


Most of us are lovers of soothing colors and their simple sparkle. Lower shades of pastel tones can heighten your glimpses to an extreme extent. The charm of these pastel colors is perfect for any and every occasion, may it be a wedding, a festival or a party. Unlike radiant shades these hues will never over-do an occasion. Pastel shaded outfits can flatter anyone, they have a serene attractive allure about themselves. The mania has traveled from 1980s when there was a huge trend of pastel colors. Pastel-hued outfits are voguish these days in the B-wood town as well. Nowadays bridal outfits, alike lehenga, suits and sarees are also designed in pastel shades and same trend accompanies the casual &


Draping the saree is not so simple, especially in the country like India where there are several ways of draping it. Each state may have its own unique way of wearing this attire. Lately, one standard way of draping the saree has been recognised by the Indian women, which is simple, fast and brings wonderful results. Convenient for those working women class who wear it every day to their workplace. For them this style has proved to be a boon as they do not have to spend too long in draping the saree and the look is smart, agile and modern. This is Nivi style which originated in Andhra Pradesh and the earlier version was pretty complicated. As they say

Tips for Preserving Your Expensive Sarees

Sarees are considered to be a prized possession for women. There was a time when women did not mind traveling to new places to get their favorite saree. The time has changed but not the passion for this gracious traditional attire. Today, the emergence of online store has certainly made online saree shopping easy. It gives saree lovers an opportunity to buy popular sarees from every corner of the country. Well, buying saree has become easy but taking care of it is still a challenging task. If you want to know how to take care of your prized saree then here are 5 wonderful tips. Paithani Saree: Store your classy Paithani Saree in a dry place. They need to be


I know that many of you will be stirred by waiting for this last blog which is speaking about the end of my journey (in an airplane, probably). So here is the update.


The excitement of a journey usually starts with the planning, plotting your rail routes and traveling finances. I had none. I was left only with excitement. So I reached the railway station. The place was already full of travelers, men, women, children, foreigners, security personnel and many more. Coolies in kurtas, with brass badges displaying their numbers tied to their forelimbs were approaching travelers. I didn’t know where I wanted to go. There I saw a train on platform 1 (where I was standing). I decided to board it.

Brief guide to Fall/Winter 2012-13

1. Wearing only prints or wearing only solid hues is a no-no this season. Gel these two and create a block of prints and colors.

Story of old trunk -part 3

There has never been a simpler, faster, and more beautiful way to scan your old photos. Today I will be telling you about the time I unveiled the old photographs from my granny’s trunk. As you can probably tell, I am pretty obsessed with old stuffs around here. A single trunk, and the mementos inside, have the power to tell an unbelievable story–the story of a life lived, true love, or a memorable event. Seeing her collection, I thought about my memories. People who ‘were’ close to me. And then about people who ‘are’ close to me. It is without a doubt that the memories created over these past year will never be forgotten.

Story of the old trunk -part 1

When I first saw the trunk in bedroom upstairs at my grandma’s home, I could totally feel my hands so wanting to open it to find what was inside. Curious about its history, I questioned my Grandma and she told me it was a gift by her mother. That old trunk has stayed with our family for over 70 years with many things hidden in it. Old trunks always have many old treasures. When I opened this one I found treasures of belongings, memories, prayers …


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