How to Wear South Indian Style Wedding Saree?

Whether you’re wearing a Kanjeevaram or Bangalore silk saree for your wedding, no one can doubt the beauty of a bride in a well-draped saree! Here is a step by step guide in South Indian style bridal saree draping: PRE-DRAPING 1. First, gather everything you need to wear a saree. You will need the following items: – saree (ironed) – matching blouse – matching petticoat – a pair of heels – safety pins These are the basic things you will need to wear your saree properly. 2. Next, wear your blouse followed by the petticoat. Ensure your blouse fits you well BEFORE the actual wedding day. This will give you some time to make necessary adjustments. A well-fitting blouse is

Factors to Consider Before Buying a Saree for the New Bride

Beauty and fashion have always managed to cast a spell on women. The very concept of beauty has evolved to a great deal since the very inception. Even now, it is constantly changing its face. There is an array of women clothing and the accessories to accompany the clothing for the women all around the globe. Color and vibrancy can be witnessed greatly with the bridal sarees of the Indian women and the newly-weds. The bridal sarees in the wedding scenario of India are all selected pieces of premium art. One particular piece is selected after going through and ditching hundreds of pieces by the bride to be. The wedding is the grandest occasion of an individual’s life. At this


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