Celebrity Inspired Winter look with Leggings

As the winter season kicks in, people will start looking for winter wardrobe-woes. How to style your winter outfits? What is the best outfit for winters? These are some of the questions that need an answer. While we will be able to answer a few questions in this post, we are going to check out some celebrity-inspired winter look with leggings. Yes, you heard that right! Leggings are undoubtedly an essential part of winter outfits ideas and suggestions. Most people still think that leggings can be worn at the gym or home only. However, this is not true. Leggings are one of the most polarizing pieces of fashion. Celebrities are trading off traditional pants, jeans, etc. with more flexible and

How to Style Up your Leggings?

There is absolutely no woman, who doesn’t feel comfortable in leggings. It doesn’t matter if you are rich or poor, working in the corporate world or are a housewife, are an ordinary teenager or a pregnant woman, all that matters is that you have nice leggings on your legs to make you feel completely relaxed and comfortable when you are doing your tasks. Some women prefer wearing leggings even when they are working out or doing their brisk walking early in the morning. Also, some women ensure that their leggings don’t leave their thighs and legs when they are doing their morning Yoga. The best thing about these bottoms is that they are stretchable, to a certain extent. But not

Top 6 Do’s & Dont’s Of Buying Leggings

Leggings are becoming trending outfits these days in India. A perfect bottom wear to suit both traditional as well as western attires, leggings are leg-hugging pants that are comfortable and light in weight. Available in a variety of colour and patterns, if you want to go for Leggings Online Shopping, then you must be aware of a few do’s and dont’s. Here we take a look at top Top 6 Do’s & Dont’s of buying leggings. We have listed a few – 1.    Check the sizing chart – Most Leggings India online e-commerce sites mention that leggings suit all sizes. However, that is a myth, and it is important to check the size chart before you buy a pair of

Know More about Leggings as a Trending Outfit

Most ladies get confused when it comes to differentiating between a pair of pants or leggings. How to pair them up for a complete look, or will either or both would suit their body types are the primary doubts that come up in a woman’s mind. However, there is a pretty vivid difference between these two attires. We give you some tips on how to differentiate a pair of pants and leggings. Leggings were worn by both men and women in the past. Right from military men, to civilians, leggings were a part of the outfit when it used to get chilling outside. The bottom wear became a sports wear trend in the 1960s, which were paired up mostly with


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