Designer Party Wear Gowns for Women

Every girl wants to add designer outfits to her closet. Be it about wearing a party dress or an Indian wedding gown: girls leave no corner untouched in finding the design of their choice. Nowadays, designer evening gowns have become a mandate for any special gathering. You can style it with different accessories. We’ve got some latest Indian party wear gowns for women that are trendy and fit the closet. Gown with Gotta Patti Work You can style up yourself for a wedding wearing a gorgeous gown with gotta patti work. Choose from pink, blue, and green colours to enhance the beauty of the gown. A gown with gotta detailing at the bottom panel complements your taste in fashion. You

Top 5 Bridal Wedding Gown Ideas for Every Bride

Class never goes out of fashion and that is what is likely to be retained even years after your wedding day. Hundreds of wedding gown dress later, you can finally pick some of the best bridal gown that will turn you into a damsel for the day like nothing else. Picking the best bridal wedding gown to make it an event of the season depends on a lot of elements—your body type, complexion, time of the year and of course, the wedding theme. Here are 6 top bridal wedding gown ideas for every bride. 1 White Florals— Top pick of the season White florals reflect the longevity of the moment. The scintillating patterns etched on intricate bodice and cascading skirt

Top 7 Reasons to wear Green Bridal Gown

Are you looking for that special color, which would make you look unique on the stage, when you sit next to your groom in a few months? Have you ever thought of giving GREEN a try? If not, then here is a chance for you to think about it. Green is the color of hope and prosperity; it depicts Mother Earth and all the nature that we are surrounded with; in fact, it is the only color that brings positive energies to your life. So why not wear a nice green colored bridal gown on your big day? Still not convinced? Here are the top ten reasons that support our suggestion: 1) There are ten (or even more) different shades

Top 9 Reasons to Wear An Elegant Gown On Your Date This Weekend!

When you are dating someone, you know the most beautiful feeling is to get dressed up in a wonderful manner for him. There are these colorful butterflies that you have in your tummy, when you are meeting him and you know that you want to look flawless. Want to know what kind of a dress makes you look ‘perfect’ for a wonderful dinner for two? A nice and sleek evening gown! Nothing can be better than a seductive, yet elegant, designer evening gown for you, when you are meeting the man you love the most in your life. Wondering why? Read below to know the reasons! 1. Every man has a ‘thing’ for women in evening gowns; it has been

The Top 5 Tips to choose Bridal Wedding Gowns according to Silhouette

If you are a prospective bride, perhaps the greatest concern is to choose the right bridal wedding gown. With array of options available, it is easy to get overwhelmed, and in the process you might end up making a wrong selection. Moreover, several questions are associated with it as where, how and which gown to buy. Well, you can keep reading the article in order to obtain complete information about your queries. The perfect time to buy your gown is once you get engaged and are ready to tie the knots. However, you should have an idea of the type and style of gown you want so that the availability is not a big issue for you. Top Styles To

A look at top 8 Kinds of Fabric Used for Making Wedding Gowns

As you are tying the knots soon, you want a wedding gown that will drape beautifully and make you look extravagant. Well, one of the most important things that you should never forget that the key to selecting the right bridal gown is not only in its style and designs, but also in its fabric. In fact, the fabric plays a great role in determining how beautiful and amazing you look on your special day. Therefore, it is always a wise idea to acquire some ideas on the fabrics, and the one that will best suit your needs. In order to determine the best fabric for your wedding gown, you will have to consider different fabrics like cut, style, texture,

How To Choose The Right Gown For An Evening Party

As you are planning for a prom night party or any other evening party, the first thing you need to consider is your dress. The dress plays a crucial factor in determining who you are and how you look. Gowns are certainly the ideal dresses suitable for different kinds of evening parties. However, it is not so easy to select these gowns. You will have to take lots of important things in consideration in order to make sure that you end up selecting the right dress of your choice. There are very few times in your life that you get the opportunity to wear a jaw dropping dress that will make you look completely glamorous. Therefore, it makes sense to


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