An Exclusive Interview With Simran Bhatia From “The Swish Browse”

Continuing our interview series with top fashion bloggers, today we have on-board Simran Bhatia – the creator of “The Swish Browse” blog. Simran Bhatia was born on November 30, 1996 and comes from the beautiful city Indore. Starting from a very young age, Simran worked on her dream to bring-up a realistic and relatable fashion blog. The blog serves as an inspiration for all who want to look their best every day. You can follow the fashionista on social networks like Instagram where she has nearly 79k followers. In this exclusive interview, we asked Simran about her passion, goals and many other things. Read on to know more about her: Q.1 About You – Tell us about your education, profession

An Exclusive Interview With Sayantini From “Cherry On Top”

We are continuing this awesome interview series with Sayantini from “Cherry On Top”. She is a graduate in English literature & language. We really like Sayantini’s mindset for enjoying her life to the fullest & enjoying each & every moment. She has a weakness for sweets, loves books & has a passion for writing. This makes her a “sweet” fashion blogger. Her tips & writings on lifestyle & fashion are really inspiring & we are grateful to her for sparing valuable time for us. Let’s take a look at what all Sayantini has to share with us. Q.1 About You – Tell us about your education, profession and passion. I did my Masters in English Literature & Language. Currently, I

An Exclusive Interview With Rashi Gaur From “Blah And More”

In this popular series of our interviews with India’s top fashion bloggers, we carry on with Rashi Gaur from “Blah And More”. Having a master’s degree in English literature & Fashion management, Rashi has turned up to be an avid fashion blogger. Her passion for poetry triggered her interest into writing. Working for an IT firm gave her the direction she required to start her own fashion blog in 2012. Let’s get to know her better with the following questionnaire. Q.1 About You – Tell us about your education, profession and passion.’s only words, and words that all i’ve to take your heart away! Haha. This song by Bee Gees is the apt one if someone would ask me

Pretty up in the Celebrity-inspired Plain Sarees

“Leonardo da Vinci said, “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”. So as applies to how we dress up, one can always go overboard, but keeping it simple is matchless. Saree is one of the most beautiful attires, which undoubtedly, intensifies a woman’s beauty. Women are always flattered with heavy & handcrafted sarees, but plain sarees own unbeatable charm. Plain sarees are attractive, the simple shade and smooth texture can drive you away. Plain sarees are not only soothing, but these are radiant at the same time. Well, every lady already knows this, still mentioning, if you’re wearing a plain sari, blouse will be the highlight. Choose an alluring design of the blouse with a stunning neckline to magnify the beauty of

An Exclusive Interview With Astha Jain From “Newfangled Girl”

Our short interview series carries on with a new entry today. We had a session with Astha Jain from “Newfangled Girl”. Astha started blogging way back in 2013 & has since maintained her passion for blogging very well. By profession she is a digital marketer & an engineer. She describes her as a “free bird”. Astha’s work as a superior fashion & travel blogger is clearly portrayed on Newfangled Girl & we really liked her blog. Let’s take a look at the interview session. Q.1 About You – Tell us about your education, profession and passion. A Travel Influencer, Blogger, Digital Marketing Consultant, Engineer, and Photographer are the words that describe me. I always love to share my experience about

Salwar Kameez: Feel free and dance carefree

Happiness, cheerfulness, enjoyment, and entertainment come in the show when one shows dance moves on Bollywood beats. Dance is a vital part of any function in India that brings life to the moment. No one misses the chance to show their dance moves, even if it is a wedding, party, and other occasions. Salwar kameez is the most comfortable outfit when it comes to dancing. Keeping the elegance of the moment, you can flaunt your unique dance moves in the salwar suit. From Bollywood divas to ordinary women, everyone loves to wear salwar kameez while dancing. What makes the salwar kameez the most common outfit for dance? The comfort, boldness, and enjoyment salwar provide during dancing no other ethnic wear

An Exclusive Interview With Sarmistha Goswami From “Style Over Coffee”

This time we got a chance to interview Sarmistha Goswami from STYLE OVER COFFEE. We must say that her love for fashion & lifestyle has been portrayed on her blog, immaculately. Sarmistha has completed her English Hons. & a degree in Fashion Designing from NIFT. From 14 long years she has been a fashion designer & has implemented her ideas to create some fabulous masterpieces. Let’s take a look at the short interview session we had with her. Q.1 About You: Tell us about your education, profession and passion. I did my graduation with English honors. and studied Fashion Design from National Institute of Fashion Technology. I am a Fashion designer by profession and have been working for 14 years


Alexsandro Palombo has given famous cartoon Marge Simpson a grand makeover. He has given her looks of Princess Kate Middleton, Princess Diana, Audrey Hepburn, Playboy looks, Marilyn Monroe, and many other famous looks that marks the fashion history. Soon after this, all we thought of was to see Marge in Bollywood’s iconic looks. Starting from one of the best Indian movies – Mughal E Azam (1960), we have found out 6 such famous looks. Can you imagine Marge Simpson in these following iconic outfits??


Are you a Manish Malhotra fan or a Sabyasach die-hard? This 5 day long couture week at Delhi has in participation the best names of Fashion industry. In this blog we will show you our best picks from the event and how you can find similar styles from our collection.


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