An Exclusive Interview With Priyanjana From “Moonshine And Sunlight”

We caught up with Priyanjana from Moonshine And Sunlight this time for the short interview series. She is an engineer & has a keen interest in travelling the world & art. All her passion is nicely sketched out on her blog. Let’s take a look on what we got to know about Priyanjana with this short interview. Q.1 About You – Tell us about your education, profession and passion. Passion and profession are two ends of the spectrum for me. By profession I am an engineer and my passion lies in travelling, exploring the world and arts! Q.2 Which is the best season you like and what’s your best wear in that season? Hands down transitional seasons like autumn and

An Exclusive Interview With A Versatile Fashion Blogger Rudrita Chatterjee

Rudrita Chatterjee is an avid & passionate blogger from India. She is a Fashion Design Graduate with a Master’s Degree in English. She followed her passion & started blogging when she was pretty young in 11th standard. Her style statement is portrayed through her blog “Blogs From Rudrita Chatterjee”. We were mesmerized to reach out to her for this short Q&A session. She shared some interesting facts about her in this interview. Take a look. Q.1 About You: Tell us about your education, profession and passion. I’m a Fashion Design graduate and Master’s in English. I started blogging when I was in 11th standard at Blogspot. Later in 2015, I started blogging through my own website & I took it

An Exclusive Interview With Tanya Sachdev From “Let’s Expresso”

Tanya has been into fashion blogging since 8 years. We must say that her sense of fashion is excellent. It can be seen through her interesting blog posts which any fashion lover must read & follow. Tanya is from Delhi & has completed her Master’s in English with a short programme on Fashion from NIFT, Delhi. She has always been passionate about Fashion Blogging & it can be clearly perceived from her blog: Let’s Expresso. We got a chance to catch up with her for a short interview session. Let’s get an insight to what she expressed in this Q&A session with us. Q.1 About You: Tell us something about your education, profession and passion. I am a B.A. and

An Exclusive Interview With Nidhi Agarwal From “Treasuremuse”

Nidhi Agarwal is a blogger and she has a great passion for writing about Fashion, Food, Beauty & Travel. In December 2015, Nidhi brought up “Treasuremuse” to portray her passion on the web. The story behind choosing this name for the blog is itself a great one. The word “Treasure” which is the meaning of her name and the word “Muse” means A lady who inspires. This popular blog by Nidhi is collaborated with more than 290 National & International brands till now. She possesses her own clothing label “Vadhini” where she deals in Quality & Rich Clothing. We at Indian Wedding Saree really like Nidhi’s views on Fashion & wish her a Great Future Ahead. We approached her for


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