Tips to Look Stylish in a Silk Saree

You can find a silk saree in every women’s closet. It has to find its place in the wardrobe for being an elegant and stylish garment. The long-held tradition of wearing a silk saree continues to grow in India. You can still see brides choosing silk sarees to wear at their wedding functions. Bollywood is not too far from embracing the style. From the veteran Rekha to new-age actor Kangana Ranaut, you can see Bollywood beauties making it look easy. Well, you must be wondering why you don’t’ have a Banarasi silk saree in your wardrobe. You can buy a pure silk saree online. While browsing through the women’s wear section, you can halt at the silk saree section and

Wear a White Silk Saree to Your BFF’s Wedding

White is an elegant color. Girls are wearing white sarees to the wedding and turning the tables. A decade ago, it might have been out of trend to wear white to an Indian wedding. Fashion has certainly changed with time, and a white silk saree is a preferred wedding outfit for many girls. If you’re planning to weara white or off-white saree at your best friend’s wedding, make sure you know if that suits your style. There are different variants available, and you can choose from various fabrics. But what’s interesting about wearing a white silk saree is how you style it. You can go for a Sonam Kapoor look with all white and gold or create your style statement.

Go get styled in HANDLOOM SAREES

Handcrafted and sheer handloom sarees in vivacious colors can win the hearts of many. The classy and stately looks of the saree with supreme handwoven quality flashes our traditional ethnic richness. Blended in cotton and silk threads, these Indian sarees are popular for subtle elegance and lavish looks. A handloom saree is a manifest in any woman’s closet as the gracefulness and delightfulness of these Indian sarees is unmatchable with any other ethnic wear. Multiple designs and numerous motifs embellish the glances of these sarees. These sarees are not only a perfect call for traditional occasion but for a party or a wedding too. Do you know? In India we have multiple types of handloom sarees; this means more glamour

Top Four Silk Sarees Loved By Indian Women

Gracious, classy, expensive are few of the words that beautifully define the silk saree. A saree that every Indian women love. There is huge variety of silk sarees available, each has a unique weaving and dying pattern, which gives it a unique identify. Here, we are going to reveal top four Silk sarees loved by Indian women. 1 Garad Silk: The sarees with gracious red borders and beautiful paisley motif is the remarkable characteristic of Garad Silk Saree. It represents purity, a trait of every woman. It is undoubtedly the first choice of Bengali ladies when it comes to dressing up for religious occasions. The Murshidabad in West Bengal has created a niche for itself in the country for weaving



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