Tips to Look Stylish in a Silk Saree

You can find a silk saree in every women’s closet. It has to find its place in the wardrobe for being an elegant and stylish garment. The long-held tradition of wearing a silk saree continues to grow in India. You can still see brides choosing silk sarees to wear at their wedding functions. Bollywood is not too far from embracing the style. From the veteran Rekha to new-age actor Kangana Ranaut, you can see Bollywood beauties making it look easy. Well, you must be wondering why you don’t’ have a Banarasi silk saree in your wardrobe. You can buy a pure silk saree online. While browsing through the women’s wear section, you can halt at the silk saree section and


Banarasi silk sarees have always been an epitome of consummate craftsmanship. An ideal go to for all festivities and parties too, as a Banarasi silk saree can accentuate your looks into multiple times. A Banarasi saree is the attire that magnifies the beauty of Indian ethnic wears and a must in your Indian saree collection. Banarasi silk saree provides for luxuriance and stateliness with extraordinary glances. Banarasi sarees are embellished with Mughal motifs such as ornate swirls, intertwining floral and paisley designs. These Indian sarees are adorned and woven with gold and silver brocade or zari, sheer silk and precise embroidery. The colors and fabric of these sarees are radiant and soothing at the same time. Falling pallu of the

A look at Top 6 Most Comfortable Fabric for Summer

The summer season is no doubt bright and cheerful, but in a country like India, summers can often be frustrating due to the intense heat. The fiery heat and the sweaty summer should not stop you from expressing your style statement in some of the best outfits. You do not want to sweat and remain comfortable regardless the place you go. Therefore, it is crucial to make sure that you select some of the cool and comfortable fabrics so that you can easily beat the summer heat. This in turn will also keep your mood in the top form. Top Summer Fabrics: As you know there are plenty of fabrics to choose your outfits from. However, there are some exclusive

Brief guide to Fall/Winter 2012-13

1. Wearing only prints or wearing only solid hues is a no-no this season. Gel these two and create a block of prints and colors.

Story of old trunk -part 6

My only blog I swear having these many questions! Go ahead… No no no…its not a drama class. Its me! What am I trying to do? I have decided to pack all those pretty sarees I showed you lately and bring them with me back to my home. And why am I taking the TRUNK with me? Because it will remind me of those hidden beautiful memories I have recently met.

Silk Saree – A Dream of Every Woman

The word “Silk Saree”, make women skip there heartbeat. This beautiful attire comes in an array of colors and unique designs.  Indian brides especially south Indian brides love to adorn expensive Bridal Silk Saree on their wedding day. India is a land of vast diversity and here, each region has own traditional attire, but this outfit is uniform throughout the country. The only difference you will come across is the draping style.  The Indian women like to wear Saree made from silk during wedding, festive seasons and any other special occasion. The South Indian Silk Sarees made of pure silk is famous for artistic beauty and glamour. Types of Indian Silk Saris This attire from different regions of India varies

A Look Into Some of the Famous Saree From India

Saree, the elegant and gracious lengthy attire, is the first choice of Indian women for every occasion. The variety and drape style you will come across is simply amazing. This apparel magnificently depicts rich Indian heritage and culture. The length of Saree ranges between 5 yards to 9.5 yards. It largely depends on the style by which it has to be worn. Generally Kanjeevaram Sarees and Banarasi Saree are longer than daily wear Sarees. Every region in India has its traditional attire that reflects their culture. Like Punjabis like to wear Patiala Salwar, Marwaris have Lehenga; Guajarati’s have both Lehenga and Saree, but in spite of all these differences Saree is the attire, which is identical in all parts of


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