Maharashtrian style drape is unique and very different from the urban or Nivi style of wearing sarees. These are also called Nauvari Sarees and the length of the saree is 9 yards. This is much more than the usual 5.5 metres saree. The reason for this extra length is its exclusive style of wearing unlike any other saree. It is believed that this style came into existence keeping in consideration the comfort of women. The women who were warriors or the women who worked in fields needed a style which allowed them to use their legs freely. In Maharashtrian style saree it is easy to climb the horse and sit cross legged or sit on the floor. Paithani Sarees look


One of the most noticeable features about any Indian wedding, ceremony or festival are the elegant saree ensembles. Although just six yards of fabric, the saree transforms into a stunning piece of clothing when it is wrapped and draped around the body. The saree accentuates and flatters all body types and shapes. It truly is one of the most versatile attire around. This versatility is also seen in different types of sarees that arise from all over India, particularly from Gujarat, Bengal, Maharashtra and South India. Each region has its own special weave, colours, motifs and materials that it works with to produce what could arguably be the best cultural representation of that region. If you have a passion for

Paithani Silk Sarees Hailing from Western India

The Paithani silk sarees are popular among the women in India for being colorfully unique. In fact, this saree is gradually making its permanent place among the other conventional silk sarees like Kanchipuram, Banarasi, Murshidabad, Garad, Tasshar, etc. A unique attribute of the Paithani sarees is that the borders are exquisitely crafted with golden zari works, and the entire body of the saree is embroidered with golden motifs, butis, and many other designs. The Paithani sarees are mainly worn by the ladies belonging to the states of Gujarat and Maharashtra. In fact, the very name comes from the Paithan district of Maharashtra where the sarees mainly originated from. Other than Paithan, this saree is also woven in other districts of

A look into ever popular and stylish Paithani, Chanderi and Gadwal Sarees

 India is a land of wonders, and the fact that the land has various sarees on store for one to choose from, makes it a delight for all saree lovers. Here, we take a look at ever popular and stylish top three unique sarees Paithani, Chanderi and Gadwal sarees and find out why these are loved by ladies across India. 1 Paithani Delights: The famous Paithani saree belongs to Maharashtra. The saree actually originates from a place near Aurangabad at a place called Yeola where this rare saree is woven into existence. These sarees require a lot of hard work, labor and skill. In order to make each piece worth being a part of your wardrobe a lot of hours,


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