An Exclusive Interview With Rashi Gaur From “Blah And More”

In this popular series of our interviews with India’s top fashion bloggers, we carry on with Rashi Gaur from “Blah And More”. Having a master’s degree in English literature & Fashion management, Rashi has turned up to be an avid fashion blogger. Her passion for poetry triggered her interest into writing. Working for an IT firm gave her the direction she required to start her own fashion blog in 2012. Let’s get to know her better with the following questionnaire. Q.1 About You – Tell us about your education, profession and passion.’s only words, and words that all i’ve to take your heart away! Haha. This song by Bee Gees is the apt one if someone would ask me

An Exclusive Interview With Namrata From “My Closet Diary”

This time we’re continuing our interview series with Namrata from “My Closet Diary”. She is based in Bangalore. Talking about academics, Namrata is a Telecom engineer by profession & also has a management degree in marketing & finance. A fashion, lifestyle & beauty enthusiast, she has created her blog to portray her personal style statement. While going through My Closet Diary, we really liked her ideas & fashion sense. So, without any delay, let’s get along with the interview session. Q.1 About You – Tell us about your education, profession and passion. In my life so far, I have done everything expected in India, like getting double degrees. I am a telecom engineer by training and also have a management

An Exclusive Interview With Nilu Yuleena Thapa From “Big Hair Loud Mouth”

We are absolutely delighted to share this short interview session which we had with Nilu Yuleena Thapa from “Big Hair Loud Mouth”. The blog which was launched in 2012 is now a renowned name in the field of Fashion, Digital & Social Media. In May 2015, European Social Media Matrix Tool KPI ranked Big Hair Loud Mouth on 9th position amongst the Top Bloggers across the Globe, in terms of content strategy, Brand-Impact & image and the Resonance influence. As of now, BHLM has gained immense popularity as a personal style blog. Heading towards the mind behind BHLM, Nilu has a graduate degree in Electronics & Electrical Engineering. Her work as a blogger is appreciable as she had won the

An Exclusive Interview With Hamida Keshwani From “Fashionmate”

This time we’re bringing in our short interrogation session with Hamida Keshwani from Fashionmate. She is an MSc. Postgraduate in Environmental Sciences & was working as a senior scientist. A mother of one, Hami has a keen interest in reading, shopping & content creation. She started blogging way back in 2011 & developed Fashionmate as a very informative blog for fashion, makeup & personal styling. Her updates on maternity style, kids fashion & beauty tips are absolutely amazing. Let’s take a glance on what interesting answers we received from her side. Q.1 About You – Tell us about your education, profession and passion. I did my M.Sc in Environmental Science in 2008 and was working as senior scientist in Environmental

An Exclusive Interview With Sonam Lakhani From “My Haute Life”

We recently had a short interview session with Sonam Lakhani from “My Haute Life”. Sonam has a graduate degree in Business. She dabbled with Jewellery Designing, Gemology and Diamond Grading but is a fashion enthusiast by heart. She started her own clothing brand. Sonam has also worked with ITP Publishing, Middle East’s leading publishing company in Dubai. Sonam’s work as a fashion blogger is noticeable on her blog & we really liked her ideas. Let’s get on with the interesting questionnaire. Q.1 About You – Tell us about your education, profession and passion. My Haute Life is a celebration of all the things I love- Travel, Fashion, Beauty and Life. For me, playing dress up began at the age of

An Exclusive Interview With Anuradha Mohan From “Wasted by Fashion”

We did a short interview session with Anuradha from Wasted by Fashion. She has completed graduation in engineering in 2014. She has a career in the IT industry & is an avid blogger by passion. WbF was started by her for fun but now it has become her passion. She is currently a full-time IT Consultant who is also devoted to influencing the fashion among rising souls. You can see some great outfit ideas & inspirations on Anuradha’s blog & we really liked them. Her creativity is nicely portrayed on Wasted by Fashion. Now let’s get on to the interview session without much ado. Q.1 About You – Tell us about your education, profession and passion. Well I did my


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