Enhance your Engagement Day Look with These Beautiful Sarees

The engagement ceremony is one of the important occasions that complete the wedding loop. This is the time when you have to look glamourous, go with the trend, and closely follow your traditions. And, most of all you need to carry your style in the clothing ensemble and design craft that suit your bridal fashion the best. Here, you can be helped with the right choice of saree that can bring you the special attraction you need on the day of your engagement. Here are a few selective styles to take the idea for the engagement saree attire that should make your big day more special. Lehenga Saree for Engagement When you think ofIndian weddings, you cannot do without considering


Saree has been an integral part of Indian culture. It adds to the beauty and grace of a woman and never fails to leave an everlasting impression. Sarees in their many new avatars have created a wave of excitement amongst the women in the modern fashion world. One of the new styled garments which have evolved from the perfect blend of saree and lehenga is definitely the most sought after style which has become a sensation all over the country in no time. It seems that this unique combination is here to stay for long as its popularity is increasing by the day. Lehenga Saree as this fusion wear is called is very comfortable and easy to wear but wearing

How to Drape Padmavat Lehenga Style Saree

After seeing the blockbuster hit movie Padmavat, you’ve probably fallen in love with Deepika Padukone’s avatar and her numerous lehenga sarees. In fact, many women have taken inspiration from her Padmavat look and chosen to wear their wedding saree in the same style. If you want to look like a Padmavat bride on your wedding day, consider the following tips for draping a saree in the lehenga style: 1. Start by wearing your blouse, matching petticoat and a pair of heels. Ensure the petticoat is tightly knotted. It should sit just at or below the navel. 2. Take the plain end of the saree, i.e. opposite of the pallu, and tie a knot. Tuck this knot into the right side


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