The Timeless Elegance of Indian Sarees: Must-Have Traditional Picks for 2023‍

Indian sarees have been an integral part of Indian culture for centuries. These beautiful and elegant garments not only showcase the rich heritage of India but also exude timeless grace and femininity. A saree consists of a long piece of fabric that is draped around the body, with one end elegantly pleated and tucked at the waist. The other end, known as the pallu, is gracefully draped over the shoulder. The art of draping a saree is a skill that has been passed down through generations, and each region in India has its unique style of draping. The Significance of Indian Sarees in Indian Culture Indian sarees hold immense cultural significance in India. They are not just garments; they are

Brilliant Saree Ideas for Summer Weddings

The summer season has set in, and you all must be planning to revamp your wardrobe. Well, it’s summer weddings we are talking here, and one should have plenty of designs to stand out. Like every year, saree has been topping the chart in the best wedding outfits category. While a lehenga could be a tad bit more for summers, you can always count on an Indian saree to make you feel comfortable and stylish. Gone are the days of wearing traditional choices. Nowadays, you can see girls boldly shunning the concept of red and orange sarees and choosing bright colors and different fabrics. Look through these enticing saree ideas that can help you make a style statement at a

Smart Tips to Match Jewelry with Your Saree

Choosing the right gems and jewels to enhance your saree look takes deep thought. One can find a wide range of accessories that could go well with a saree. However, you must refrain from going overboard and decking yourself up in too many embellished jewels. Not to mention the inconvenience that a loaded look can do to your style game. Well, if you’re struggling to find the perfect jewelry to match your saree, let us help! Read through this information and make the right choice. Let’s begin. Choose accessories based on the occasion Be it a wedding function, reception party, or other festive occasions: you want to look your best at all times. That’s understood! You can pair an Indian

Must Have Traditional Sarees for a Newly wed Bride

Flattered with many blessings and wishes a bride hopes a happy married life. Every bride has an aura that can dazzle her new home. From your behavior to your dressing style, everything gets noticed when you are welcomed in a new home. Maintain the curiosity in the heart of your loved ones by looking fabulous in traditional sarees. Being the bride of the modern world, you are expected to look stylish and elegant at the same time. By adding stunning sarees to your trousseau, you can complete its beauty. Set fashion goals for women with unique colored and stylish sarees of Indian wedding saree and become the fashionista. Many Bollywood celebrities wore saree post-wedding in their reception party and other

Way to Look Glamorous in the Reception Saree

Indian women enhance their grace by wearing saree on every occasion. Wedding is followed by the reception and it carries the same importance for a bride as a wedding. A bride cannot hide her excitement and anxiety for the upcoming life. Add more excitement on the day of reception by looking incredibly beautiful.You can see the leading ladies of Bollywood often draping Indian traditional sarees. Indian Wedding Saree has got the hottest trends. So, get ready to explore what we have in our collection of reception sarees. Pattu: Magnificent yet modest Indian women prefer traditional sarees on special occasions. Deepika Padukon too went for traditional pattu sari for her film promotion and wedding. People admired her look even outside India.


Want to appear suave and chic at your next office party or gathering? Consider wearing a saree. Not sure how to wear one? Read the following tips on how to wear a saree perfectly: Step 1 Have your saree, matching blouse and petticoat, a pair of heels and some safety within reach. Step 2 Put on your blouse and petticoat. Ensure the knot on your petticoat is firm. Tuck it into your petticoat. Don’t forget to wear your heels. Step 3 Begin by taking the plain edge of your saree (opposite the pallu) and making the first tuck just to the right of your navel. Step 4 Keep tucking all the way around, going from right to left direction. As

Popularity of Bengali Sarees in Wedding Ceremonies

In recent years, Bengali sarees have invaded the market of Indian weddings. It is a commonly accepted fact that saree is a crucial apparel of any Indian wedding. Hence, it is entirely reasonable for an Indian bride to sport a perfect bridal look on the marriage day. On the flipside, Bengali wedding sarees are becoming popular among Indian brides as these sarees exude traditional magnificence. Bengali sarees are now the most preferred choice among many Indian brides. Moreover, these sarees can be styled in a variety of ways that truly makes them the cynosure of all eyes. These sarees are quite budget-friendly and comfortable that also makes them the apt choice for many individuals. Indian weddings are a symbol of

Indian sarees are now becoming an outfit of international recognition

Indian sarees were once only woven for temple deities, but those days are history now. Sarees have always been an integral part of the Indian culture and traditions. Since the ancient times, sarees have been one of the most preferred choices of the Indian women. There are other Asian countries also, where women wear sarees, but Indian sarees are exceptional and are different not just because they are beautiful and have a huge variety in them, but also because they represent the Indian culture and has a history behind them. Indian sarees are no more limited to Indian and Indian women, but have now become an outfit of international recognition. With time and the fashion industry growing stronger with every

The magnificent South Indian Saree rule the Bollywood

If you have a look at the Bollywood movies in the last 2 years, you will see the major influence of South Indian Saris. Take a look at the 2 major hits that rocked both the Bollywood charts well as the fashion circuit- 2 States and Chennai Express. Both the story lines are predominantly about Southern Bellies and as a result the Southern queens seem to rule the fashion circuit big time. Alia’s sizzling Two Sates Saree look Let’s start with 2 States, this 2014 hit movie starring Arjun Kapoor and Alia Bhatt was a box office hit. Alia Bhatt played the role of the South Indian girl to perfection and veteran actress Revathy was her onscreen mother. The best


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