If you are thinking that only saris make up as a great wedding attire, just hold on! The cholis and the blouses too form a very compelling feature of the wedding circuit. The brides can be fashion divas on their D-day and the designer blouse necklines definitely add zing into the wardrobe.
Here is a list of five super-sensual necklines that you must try before settling for the wedding attire. We all love to have convenient alternatives and the neckline designs do just that!

NECKLINE1: Imperial Bardot
Imperial bardot has a western appeal to it. The open neckline leaves the thorax part exposed for dazzling necklaces and pearl sets. The neckline is ideal for creating cute and sensual design statement Indian saris. It should be your first choice if you are looking for thin layers of dressing that accentuate your bust. The right-sized bridal bra with corset design will help you achieve the right look.

NECKLINE 2: Indian Boat Neckline
The elegant wedding blouse designs often derive their origin in the boat-shaped neckline. The blouse design accentuates the upper body shape with a balanced look. It is a very simple design that can be remodelled into different styles to match your shoulder line. The best way to adopt Bat neckline is to go bare at the back or use strings and laces with latkans.

NECKLINE 3: Sweetheart Neckline
Bridal wardrobe without a sweetheart blouse design is an absolutely waste! You must attempt a hand at this sophisticated style. The neckline goes with every body shape. Whether you are thin as a reed or slightly on the heavier side of the scale, this neckline will transform your bridal appeal into a sensual and comforting accomplice. If you hate adjusting your sari every now and then, the sweetheart neckline is stitched just for you. As a precaution, just ensure that the armpits are covered without any loops or gaps. Moreover, it requires special set of bra called the Vintage bras. You can also try your regular T-shirt bra if the wedding anxiety makes you fidgety.

NECKLINE 4: Halters
Halter neckline is an empowering bridal design. It gels well with the formal setting with a flow of casualness across the contour. The seamless appeal accentuates the overall attire keeping the focus on the midriff and the lower part. If you are blessed with a good height, the halters neckline is a friendly set of blouse. It harmoniously fits with every Indian sari design and fabric. As a tip, avoid halters for the day weddings. Also, refrain from using the halter blouses in office and formal parties. As long as you are comfortable with the attention, flaunt the halter neckline with blazing confidence.

NECKLINE 5: U-crevice Blouse
It requires a lot of ‘dare and bare’ to pull the look perfectly without looking too tacky. The U-crevice is a sensational blouse design that allows the bride to explore the deeper shades of wedding attires.

It is an un-restrained design that gets enough cover from the back and front with a slightly deeper neckline that often ends below the bust line.


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