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Bridal Wedding Saree

Every year on Thanksgiving Day, almost all American cloth stores, provide wedding gowns at half price and women flock to these shops. There is so much fuss about a simple dress because they believe that it is not just any other dress. They drape it for a once in a lifetime occasion. Indian wedding sarees are to Indian women as wedding gowns are to American women.

Be it American or Indian, when it comes to marriage, in all cultures brides are given utmost importance. A bride is the most important person in a marriage and people are there to witness the transformation of the girl into a woman. She is revered so much, and for the bride too, it is one of most important occasion of her life. She is going to recollect every moment of that day from the wedding photo album. A wedding saree can make her day or mar it. That is why it is written on top of the ‘to-do for wedding’ checklist. It is not uncommon for girls to raid innumerous shops in search of her Bridal Sarees. Most of the women preserve their wedding saree collection for eternity, and it means a lot to them though they wear it only once. Further, amongst South-Asian bridal costumes, Indian wedding sarees are the most ornately decorated and delicately designed ones.

A lot goes into selecting a wedding saree. Starting with the disinclination towards a black saree for it is considered inauspicious. For the same reason, white saree too is not sought after. Indian designer sarees come in dazzling bright colors and with profound embroidery. The color of the Indian wedding saree is, to a large extent, dependent on the region, for regional tastes are both alike and differ from one region to another. For example, red color is predominantly used in the south Indian wedding sarees, particularly in Hindu wedding sarees. A few decades back, silk sarees used to be the flagship of Indian wedding saree collection.

Banarasi sarees are the most popular among Indian wedding sarees and even men might know of them. They are adored for the fine, hand-woven zari work. While Banarasi sarees are known for their embroidery and embellishment, Mysore Silk Sarees and Kanchivaram silk sarees are adorned for their motley colors and eye-catchy designs. Marwari community, on the other hand, exclusively prefers Kashmiri embroidery sarees. The list simply goes on and on as there are as many sarees as the number of languages in India!


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