Saree is an Indian traditional attire that is worn throughout the country. The only difference that is witnessed is the way it is draped. The Rajasthani people would wear it differently, and the South Indian people would wear it differently, and so would the eastern people. But there are some popular styles among all, and one such style is the Bengali style of a saree.

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Girls around the country, have always admired how to wear a Bengali saree. Girls and ladies have looked for tutorials but always end up wearing it the wrong way. If you too have always wondered how to wear a Bengali saree and always wanted to wear it, here’s the easiest way you could do that. You would require the following things to learn this simple trick: a saree, safety pins, blouse, and a petticoat that you would wear below the saree.

First, wear the petticoat and the saree blouse. Both the petticoat and the blouse should match the fabric and the color/designs of the saree to make it look beautiful in the end. Now, from end, tuck a small part near the bellybutton in the petticoat. One end would be tucked near the bellybutton, and the other would reach the floor.

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Now wrap the saree around the waist at least 2 times. Make sure to tuck neatly, so that the saree doesn’t look stretched. Now tuck the saree across left side, to the right. And then across right side, tuck it to the left side. These tucks can roughly measure around 12 inches. Now make Pallu plates. Plates are made at the shorter hem of the pallu and can roughly measure the span width. Now place the pallu on the left shoulder. Remember, the pallu should fall behind just around the lower calf half level.

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Now take a pallu corner and tie a trinket to it. Now bring the pallu, from under the right arm and throw it backwards. You are now all done. Depending on the length of the saree and the waist of the person, this might differ. All you need to focus on, is to leave behind enough part of the saree to throw over the shoulder. To complete the Bengali saree look, drape the remaining fabric over the left shoulder. To keep it at one place, use a safety pin to attach the end of the saree to the blouse.

bengali saree draping styleAnd you are done. You look beautiful. Throw in some accessories and you are all set to flaunt your Bengali look.


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