When it’s about choosing a men’s wedding sherwani, you need to find the perfect color and design. You consult your squad to make sure you’re choosing the right outfit. Well, you can experiment with your wedding outfits and buy a dhoti sherwani. Why not? It’s a perfect fusion of North and South Indian dressing.

A groom will consider sherwani over tuxedos and Bandhgala suits. He wants to look different from the crowd, and it’s unlikely that you may see many men wearing sherwani at a wedding. It’s the groom’s attire. The long-held tradition of wearing dhoti during festive occasions continues to be prevalent, with millennials taking the style forward.

Let’s look at different dhoti sherwani styles and how you can enhance your look wearing one.

Beige sherwani and maroon dhoti

Beige sherwani and maroon dhoti

You must have seen grooms wearing beige and maroon sherwani at their weddings back in the day. Well, the style may have changed by the colors remain of the essence. You can choose an embellished men’s wedding sherwani decked in beige and brown: a beige sherwani and a brown dhoti. Make sure to wear a groom’s necklace and a brooch. You’re going to charm the crowd with your gracious presence.

Black and white sherwani

The combination of black and white is not limited to tuxedos. One can choose a black sherwani and a white dhoti. Don’t forget to wear a groom’s pearl necklace with it. And if there’s a pocket, you know you have to buy a designer pocket square. You can buy men’s sherwani online. That said, you need to have a hawk’s eye to hunt the latest styles.

Indo-western dhoti sherwani

Indo-western dhoti sherwani

You must be thinking about how one can blend Indian and western together. Well, it’s possible. You can wear a sherwani with balloon pants style dhoti. Yes, it’s possible. Not only that, you’re sure to look dapper wearing it. It’s about going out of the league and inspire other men to look different on their big day.

Solid dhoti sherwani

Solid dhoti sherwani

If you like to keep your style simple, you can choose solid colors. How about a maroon sherwani with a brown dhoti? When other grooms would choose designer dhoti sherwanis, you can stand out with solid prints. It’s your wedding, and you have a say while choosing your wedding outfits.

Angrakha style dhoti sherwani

Angrakha style dhoti sherwani

This one’s going to take you by surprise. Many Indian celebrities have graced fashion events donning this look. It makes a different kind of style statement. You not only impress the crowd, but you also stand out in terms of fashion.

Styling it is easy. Shop for an embroidered Angrakha sherwani. You need not wear a groom’s necklace. A brooch will suffice. What else? You can wear shoes over jutis if it suits your style.

Dhoti sherwanis have been trending for all the right reasons. Earlier, it was a pair of churidar with a sherwani coat that used to draw attention. Now, dhoti is a preferred choice among men. You can buy a men’s sherwani online from a trusted source. This way, you can enjoy your shopping time without breaking the bank.

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