The world is up for a tough time – courtesy the novel coronavirus pandemic, also known as the COVID-19. Seems like everything has hit a halt! From shopping malls and movie halls to tourist destinations and religious places, all have been shut down in various Indian states where the crisis has hit the hardest.

While the government and health officials are trying to bring the situation in control, people are advised to follow some precautions at home, offices, and every public place they visit. As the virus is novel, people have less information about it – how it behaves, spreads, transmits, and dies. There are a lot of speculations about how the virus spreads, especially through surfaces, objects, and things like clothing.

At times when people can literally not go out for shopping at retail stores, many are wondering if – online shopping is safe? Can coronavirus live on clothes?

With the Indian states shutting down public gatherings, malls, gyms, and other public places one by one, people are struggling hard to meet their daily needs and requirements. At this time, online shopping seems like a safer alternative. But let’s not make a decision so early. Keep reading to know what experts say about chances of coronavirus on clothes.

Online Shopping

Can coronavirus survive on clothes?

Experts believe that the novel COVID-19 can stay on hard surfaces like the door knobs, bus handles, cash counters, tables, etc. How long it can live is still unclear? Some experts at Harvard Health believe that it is difficult for the virus to survive on a soft surface like fabric. What matters is how long the disease can live on a surface? WHO (World Health Organization) experts say that it can live between a few hours to even a few days.

So, the question pops up – whether it is safe to order clothes online?

We all know that clothes, groceries, and basic household essentials are something that no one can live without.

As shopping centers are closed, people can’t shop for Indian dresses and outfits online. Even big brand retailers have shut down their physical stores temporarily due to the pandemic breakout. But their ecommerce sites are still running. So, does that mean people can order Indian dresses online?

Experts say that you must feel free to shop for clothes online, followed by a few precautions. If we talk about the fabric, chances are very less that the virus can stay on the fabric for long. And the chances of the infection lasting through the shipping process long enough is also very unlikely.

But you must be careful when collecting the package from the delivery man. It’s not the clothes that can get you infected, but the person who is delivering it. So, you should maintain at least a distance of 2 meters from the delivery person. And, wash your hands with a disinfectant as soon as you receive the parcel.

By the time the products you ordered reach you, it usually has lived a few weeks in the warehouse or inventory. Given the right environment, the virus may have been long dead before the parcel reaches you.

So, amidst this pandemic emergency, you can still order your important stuff like clothes, online. Just be sure to follow the precautionary steps.

Important: Please note that you must shop online at your own discretion. Refer to the official WHO website for knowing more about the novel coronavirus and how it spreads and the precautions to follow.


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