Gracious, classy, expensive are few of the words that beautifully define the silk saree. A saree that every Indian women love. There is huge variety of silk sarees available, each has a unique weaving and dying pattern, which gives it a unique identify. Here, we are going to reveal top four Silk sarees loved by Indian women.

1 Garad Silk:
The sarees with gracious red borders and beautiful paisley motif is the remarkable characteristic of Garad Silk Saree. It represents purity, a trait of every woman. It is undoubtedly the first choice of Bengali ladies when it comes to dressing up for religious occasions. The Murshidabad in West Bengal has created a niche for itself in the country for weaving the fine textured sarees. Mulberry and Tussar silk are the used for manufacturing the Gorod Silk. The threads are not dyed, so it has the natural color –white.

2 Kosa Silk:
It considered one of the finest silk produced in our country. Antheraea Mylitta silk warm is cultivated to make silk. Chhattisgarh is the state that is the leading prouder of Kosa Silk. The design you will come across includes nature, mythological stories and historical figures. Every Kosa silk saree has unique story to tell. The shades that you will come across include orange, golden brown, cream, golden yellow, dark honey etcetera. All the shades seem like an extension of golden brown.   A variety of attires are made from Kosa, it includes saree, Dhotis, Salwar Suits and home furnishings.

The women of Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh are seen adoring Kosa silk sari at occasion like festivals, religious functions and wedding. Its price has played a significant role in its popularity, compared to other silk available in the market, it is cheap and offers the same grace and durability.

3 Matka Silk:
It is manufactured using Mulberry Silk. The unique thing is that waste Mulberry is used for making it. The yarn is thick and has irregularities in texture, which renders it a distinctive look.  The largest producer of Mulberry in India is Kashmir and Karnataka. They supply it to Murshidabad, Malda, Suajapur in West Bengal and Dariapur in Gujarat. These are the places that have become the leading producer of Matka Silk. The advantage of Matka silk is its unique texture, affordable price and strength compared to other silk. Bollywood actress Vidya Balan was seen draped in gracious Matka Silk Saree at various occasions.

4 Muga Silk:
It is counted among one of the finest and rarest silk in world. What makes it even more unique is the fact that Assam is the only place where it is produced. It has got its name from Assamee where Munga means golden yellow shade. It is expensive silk, so the products manufactured from it are targeted for upper segment. Muga Silk warms are reared for making the yarn. The sheen of apparels made from Muga Silk increase with time, it is an amazing quality because other silk lose its sheen with time. Muga Silk Saree is a must for women who love silk sarees.


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