Being wedded is one of the most wonderful feelings any woman goes through; if you have recently gotten married or are going to get married soon, we are sure you are super excited for the big day. And why only for the big day? Every couple waits for the honeymoon period! When the couple is on honeymoon, both, the man and the woman, are happy to be with each other, since they explore a lot of new things about each other.

This is the period when you need to present yourself in the most beautiful manner. Thus, if you have an interest in tattoos, you can always buy a few artificial tattoos and use them on your body. Here are the top five artificial tattoos you must try on your honeymoon:

1) Flower tattoos: What can be better than a beautiful flower tattoo on your palm or on your ankle? There can be absolutely nothing that can look as gorgeous as a flower tattoo. No matter what kind of a dress you wear on your honeymoon, a flower tattoo can always enhance your appearance and make you look flawless on the streets.

2) Butterfly tattoos: When you wear a butterfly tattoo, your partner gets butterflies in his tummy! The reason is simple – butterflies are strong signs of positive energies that flow through your body to his. If you want to make him fall in love with your beauty, buy a designer butterfly tattoo for yourself and put it on your wrist. You can always put this artificial tattoo on your neck, to tempt or excite him.

3) Paisley tattoos: Such tattoos are not known to a lot of women, but the ones who know of them, don’t prefer any other designs on their body. If you are a fan of artistic or beautiful designs that stick to your skin and spread gorgeousness all around you, all you need are paisley tattoos, which have wonderful patterns. Select some beautiful patterns and put them on different parts of your body. You can use such tattoos on your back, shoulder, neck and even arms, depending on what kinds of dresses you are planning to wear on your honeymoon. Don’t forget to carry such tattoos on your honeymoon, since they can bring a lot of difference to this sensual period in your life.

4) Feather tattoos: Feathers are angelic, aren’t they? If you are a fan of feathers or have a habit of collecting them every now and then, it is time for you to get some amazing feather tattoos and use them on different places of your body. Once you get such a tattoo, save it for the day you both plan to go out for candle light dinner. Wear such a tattoo on an evening gown and spread beauty.

5) Heart tattoos: There can be no other thing that can represent love, except for a red colored heart. If you get some colorful heart tattoos, use them on your neck, at the back of your palms or wrists.



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