Are you looking for that special color, which would make you look unique on the stage, when you sit next to your groom in a few months?

Have you ever thought of giving GREEN a try?

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If not, then here is a chance for you to think about it. Green is the color of hope and prosperity; it depicts Mother Earth and all the nature that we are surrounded with; in fact, it is the only color that brings positive energies to your life. So why not wear a nice green colored bridal gown on your big day?

Still not convinced? Here are the top ten reasons that support our suggestion:

1) There are ten (or even more) different shades in green: The good thing about wearing a green bridal wedding gown is that you can select the shade from ten different shades in the world. In fact, there are many more shades for you, if you want to customize your wedding gown.

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2) Even the celebrities prefer green colored bridal gowns: Check the wedding pictures of some of the Bollywood celebrities and you would love to see that a lot of them have worn green on the day of their wedding.

3) A lot of characters in different movies have worn green colored bridal gowns on the day of their wedding: If you are a movie-bug, you surely know how many movies have brides wearing this splendid color. Since it is beautiful, all those actresses look gorgeous in it.

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4) Green brings a lot of positive energies to your life: The good thing about wearing a green bridal gown is that the color or the shade brings a lot of positivity to you. All those wedding butterflies and all that nervousness that you go through on your big day, can be kicked off when you wear this color.

5) You look good when you are in green: The cutest thing about this color is that it suits all the skin textures. It doesn’t matter if you are fairest of the fair or have a sexy tanned skin, all that matters is that you keep your chin high as you walk in a green wedding gown.

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6) You can select the most unique shade in green for yourself: Since there are a lot of different shades of green, you can pick the most unique one, depending upon your needs and preferences. Some of the prominent shades include the refreshing Apple Green, eco-lovers forest green, exotic emerald green, gracious Olive green etc to name a few.

7) Green bridal gowns are available on different e-stores: You can buy a green colored bridal gown from a nice and reputed e-store like Indian Wedding Saree portal, a place where you can get a huge variety of Indian bridal trousseau and accessories.

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These are top reasons to buy green bridal gown. The shade is ruling the bridal market this season. Make sure to tell your beautician to give you make-up with an elegant touch of green, so you look stunning on your wedding day.


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