Leggings are becoming trending outfits these days in India. A perfect bottom wear to suit both traditional as well as western attires, leggings are leg-hugging pants that are comfortable and light in weight. Available in a variety of colour and patterns, if you want to go for Leggings Online Shopping, then you must be aware of a few do’s and dont’s. Here we take a look at top Top 6 Do’s & Dont’s of buying leggings.

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We have listed a few –

1.    Check the sizing chart – Most Leggings India online e-commerce sites mention that leggings suit all sizes. However, that is a myth, and it is important to check the size chart before you buy a pair of leggings. Most sites mention the size chart, which is either on the basis of the size of the waist, or according to the nomenclature of small, medium, large, etc.

2.    Get a trial if you’re buying a legging for the first time – Well, if it is the first time that you are purchasing a legging, then it is best advised to visit a store, and try a pair of leggings before laying your hands on your favourite pattern available online. In addition, always check if you feel comfortable in the fabric, and if the pattern or shape of the legging suits your body type.

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3.    Important to make a note of the legging material – Leggings are available in a variety of fabrics. Hence, it is important to buy leggings online on the basis of the occasion, and kurti/indo-western top that you would pairing it up with. Leggings are mostly made of lycra, spandex blend, silk or cotton.

4.    Do not get confused with tights or leggings – These two types of attires might look the same, however, there is a striking difference between the two. Tights are made using thinner material, and stretch when worn, making the appearance translucent, which might be considered as an exposing material by many. However, leggings have a solid appearance, and hence can be worn with a short or knee length top.

leggings online india

5.    Do not compromise on comfort – Leggings are available in many price ranges that can start at cheap rates. The price range might tempt you to buy a bad quality legging, however, we would advise not to do so. Right from the fabric to the pattern and elastic waist band, it is important to keep comfort as a priority before shopping for the leggings online.

6.    Leggings can be best used for exercising – If you’re an exercising freak, then you can get your wardrobe stuffed with different coloured leggings. The material sits fit to your legs, is comfortable and light in weight. In addition, it keeps sweat away, thus avoiding any sort of irritation even if you’ve indulged in heavy session of exercising.
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Leggings are becoming a trend in India among females of all age groups. Leggings online shopping is the latest trend. All the above essential tips will help you to buy the best pair of leggings.


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