There are different types of bags available in the market; from ladies shoulder bags to clutches, from sling bags to backpacks, you can always pick up anything and everything that you like. Every woman has at least two to three different types of bags for herself. There are some women, who prefer buying four to five bags every time they go for shopping. They say that they have a thing for bags and that’s why they keep craving for more.

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It doesn’t matter if you like a shoulder bag or a sling bag, all that matters is that you know how to carry it when you are all dressed to kill people on the roads or are planning to go on a date. If you are a sling bag fan, here are some of the tips with the help of which you can look good carrying a nice slender sling bag:

1) Wear a sling bag on denim shorts: If you want to wear denim shorts, you can’t live without carrying a sling bag. There can be nothing better than wearing a sexy sling bag on nice denim shorts, especially if your bag is in blue color.

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2) Match your shoes with your sling bag: If you have matching shoes with your sling bag, there is no other way in which you can flaunt your style in front of your friends. Even if you are planning to go on your very first date with your crush, you can match your shoes with a sling bag to look gorgeous and let him know your craze for fashion.

3) Match your accessories with your sling bag: There are some women, who prefer wearing matching earrings with the sling bags that they carry. They might wear a completely different colored outfit, but they make sure that their earrings and necklaces match with the bags that they carry.

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4) Wear a completely different color to flaunt your expensive or branded sling bag: You may feel like you would look stupid if you would wear a completely off colored bag, but that’s the style these days; you may have seen a lot of women walking on the roads with completely unique colored bags. For an instance, they might carry a blue colored sling bag when they are wearing yellow or pink.

5) Make sure that the bag suits your personality or body: This is something that you have surely got to see and remember – unless the size of the bag suits your personality, do not buy and carry it. If you are slender or skinny, wear a medium sized bag when you go out and if you are plus sized, carry larger bags.

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6) Wear a lipstick shade that suits the sling bag that you are carrying: If there is absolutely nothing that you can match up with the sling bag that you have in your wardrobe, buy a matching lipstick over it and wear it together to create a new style on the streets.


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