The blouse plays a vital role in deciding your look. It is one apparel that needs to be selected keeping in mind your body vitals, skin tone, kind and shade of saree you are planning to wear. It is seen that most women doesn’t take it seriously and go for readymade blouse, which at times break the look. Here, we are going to reveal 5 wonderful tips to get the best blouse for your stunning saree.

1. Decide on Design:
An attractive design of the blouse will make it standout. The design should be chosen that compliments the saree. Remember, the design keeps on evolving so it is good to go for the latest one, otherwise you will end having a same blouse design like other 10 ladies in the party. It is something that you will never want even in your widest dream, right? To find the latest designs search on fashion blogs on the internet. The other option is to take see follow B-town fashion divas like Sonam, Deepika and Alia Bhatt.

2. The right fitting:
The right fitting of the blouse is very important. Its significance can be judged from the fact that even saree marker doesn’t give readymade blouse, instead they attach blouse piece to one end of the saree. It means the wearer can get it stitched in a way that perfectly blends with the saree and her vitals. A loose fitting or tight fitting top will not only make you comfortable but also spoil the look of your saree. Hence, make it a point to get yourself correctly measure by your tailor. The area that needs attention is arms, shoulders and bust. It will help you to get the perfectly fitting blouse.

3.  Right Bra:
Bra comes up in a lot of variety. Nowadays women choose the bra keeping in mind the kind of apparel they are planning to wear. A strapless bra is perfect if you are planning to wear apparel that shows your back. Hence, when you are going to give measurement, make it a point to wear the bra that you are planning to wear with the blouse. It will help the tailor to take the right measurement of the bust area.

4. Fabric – your companion:
The choice of fabric seems to be a simple decision but it is the other way around. There are lot of parameters that you need to consider while deciding on the fabric like the fabric of your saree, season and the occasion. In winter go for a fabric like chiffon that will keep you warm, similarly for summer you can go for cotton that will let your skin breathe. The design of blouse will also help you in beating the climate.

5. Keep it Simple:
Keep the design of your blouse simple as its main purpose is to compliment the blouse. A lot of embellishments and cuts will take away the attention from your beautiful saree. Moreover, there is a probability that the heavy blouse may spoil your entire look. Here, the mantra is to keep things simple.
Now you know vitals tips that you need to take care while getting your blouse stitched. Following these will help you get a stunning perfectly fitting blouse.


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