Indian saris are a colorful affair where women can sport a variety of dresses from their well-coordinated wardrobe. Most women are lost for choice when they have to pick one sari that can be worn on the wedding event. The toughest evening for a woman has to be her wedding and picking the wedding dress is easily the most awaited moment of her shopping career. From the fabric to the embroidery, the bride has to collect the most prized attire for  the event of a lifetime. Sari is the best traditional attire that a bride can opt for her wedding. We are going to reveal Top 4 Popular wedding saree tips for Indian bride.

1 Pick a sari with colors:

Colors heighten the emotion attached with the event. Marriages are made in heaven and on the eve of wedding, the bride is nothing less than a goddess. Opt for red that is a symbol of prosperity and bliss. Most brides have grown up watching women in red, so the chances of wearing orange or a yellow bridal dress for wedding can bring in a lot of attention and enthusiasm to try something different.

2 Stick to silk saris:

Wedding saris made of silk is a gorgeous item to sport during the wedding. Pick a pastel shade with golden embroidery to enhance the bridal grace that you have achieved in the recent weeks. It also accentuates the shine of your jewelry. It is easy to drape owing to the smooth finish. You can use broach to keep the Pallu in place with a smartly placed waist band to give your torso a narrower look. Moreover, silk saris look fabulous with golden ornaments and seem to be equally fascinating when you deck up your body with ornamental flowers meant for wedding.

 The color you miss in the silk saris can be included in the attire by decking up with elegant flowers.

 3 Play with half sari styles:

Half saris are a craze among the younger brides who want to have best of all the world. Half saris carry the striking features of a wedding sari with the poise of a lehenga-choli. You can also team the half-sari with a blouse to showcase your flat torso and a beautiful upper body. Most women who belong to the healthier side of the weighing scale refrain from trying the half saris. The petite one can wear it with easy draping, with appealing accessories like Kamarbund and neckpieces.

 4 Never forget to check your blouse:

Saris are incomplete without the blouse. They can simply make or break the look of a wedding dress. There is hardly a replacement to take care of the mess created by a mismatched blouse piece. Contemporary wedding designs for sari now consist of blouses made of cotton and silk. The recent technology has enabled the designers to work with velvet and corduroy blouses as well. Equally popular is the blouse made of synthetic polyesters that look shiny, meant for wedding events at night.


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