The first thing that comes to our mind when we talk about kaftaan is a loose flowing garment that has a sash to tie around your stomach to give it a more defined and elegant look. This garment has been traced to the royals who loved to roam around in these silk and velvet robes called kaftaan. Some say, it first originated in Africa, others claim its from Russia and so on. No matter, what the claim might be the reality is that kaftaan has taken the world of fashion by storm and redefined the rule of dressing. In today’s world, when there is a lot of pressure to wear fitted and body hugging clothes that are so tight that one can hardly breathe, kaftans are a breath of fresh air. They are loose fabrics that are flowing and soft and easy to wear around.

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Here are some Interesting ways to wear kaftaan :-

1        Choose the right Fabric:  

Now, we all know that the kaftan have royal roots, so it is but obvious that most of the times this garment is preferred in fabrics like velvet, silk and so on. Most of the kaftaans are known to be of bright colors and the neckline has African designs or adornments to make the same look different. If you think that such costly fabrics are not your cup of tea, then take a look at the affordable range of Kaftaans that are available on the online market place. These kaftaans are not only good looking but also classy and fashionable. That is not all, these Kaftaans are also available in cheaper fabrics like cotton and faux chiffon and so on making them even more affordable.

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2        Kaftaan Dresses:

This is a modern twist that is ruling the fashion circuit at the moment. These Kaftan dresses can be worn to relax in a beach or also to look the star in a party. No matter what the occasion might be these kaftaan dresses seem to be an extremely comfortable and easy to wear dress. The best part being that they are so many avatars of these dresses available online. You get dresses that are knee length and also that are ankle length. You get dresses with stones and jewels stuck to the neckline to jazz up the garment and make it stand out from others. You get dresses that have side slits that can be worn to a breezy day out on the beach and so on.

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3        Kaftaan Kurtis:

These are an absolute favorite with those fashionistas who are known to love Indo western or modern Indian clothes.These kaftaans are available online both in soft hues as well as bold and bright colors That’s not all after the latest craze of neon colors, you will also find a few with neon designs to add a modern look. These can be easily teamed up with cigarette pants or palazzos whatever catches your fancy and within a few minutes you are transformed into a fashionable diva ready to rule the fashion world.

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So next time you want to wear something comfortable, simply opt for kaftaans, you can easily get the trendiest one online just search Kaftan Online India, and   you will come across the best online store selling stylish and affordable Kaftan.


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