Sarees are considered to be a prized possession for women. There was a time when women did not mind traveling to new places to get their favorite saree. The time has changed but not the passion for this gracious traditional attire. Today, the emergence of online store has certainly made online saree shopping easy. It gives saree lovers an opportunity to buy popular sarees from every corner of the country. Well, buying saree has become easy but taking care of it is still a challenging task. If you want to know how to take care of your prized saree then here are 5 wonderful tips.

Paithani Saree:
Store your classy Paithani Saree in a dry place. They need to be kept away from moisture, so you need to be extra careful with them during monsoon. Take them out and put in sunlight within every four months. Avoid using chemical protection like naphthalene balls to keep away insects. It would be a good idea to use cloves to keep away bugs.

The gracious cotton sarees needs utmost care as they have the tendency to lose color fast. When washing them for the first time, deep it in lukewarm rock salt water for 20 minutes. It will stop the color fading and bleeding. If you have dark shades of cotton saree then make it a point to wash them separately. Never, wrung your cotton saree, instead put them water tap and let the water to drain off.  Cotton Saris are known for their crispness, so to get that soak them in starch and put them to dry in shade.

Georgette & Chiffon:
Georgette and Chiffon are delicate fabrics. They need to be handled carefully otherwise might get torn. You can easily wash them at home, but make sure not to twist them to drain the excess water. Simply put them on wire in shade and let water drain naturally. When it comes to putting them in Almirah, fold them neatly and hang on saree hanger.  Make sure to take them out and refold after every 25 days in case you are not wearing them regularly. It will help in avoiding ripping.

Organza & Tissue:
The Tissue and Organza are delicate material hence machine wash is a big no. The right thing would be to get them dry-cleaned. When it comes to storing, fold them neatly and put them on saree hanger but just make sure to take them out time-to-time refold. The other way is fold them neatly in muslin and store, but here also you need to take it out time to time and change the fold lines.

Silk Saree:
The expensive silk sarees are high on maintenance. They will look like new if you take proper care of them. When it comes to washing, right move here would be to get them dry-cleaned. Store them in soft cotton as it allows the fabric to breath. The rule of changing fold that we follow with Georgette and Chiffon applies also with silk sarees. If you are not wearing them on a constant basis then take them out and refold within every two to four months. You need to careful while ironing these delicate sarees, avoid sprinkling water as it may leave stains.

These tips will ensure that your sarees doesn’t lose its sheen and make you look stunning.


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