Congratulation for getting your handsome prince! Now your engagement is on the cards, you may be excited as well as tense. Excited to get the man of your dream and tense because it would be the first time when you would be meeting his family, friends and relatives. You surely want to look stunning on the day – it is a dream of every would-be-bride. Here, beautiful attire meant for a special occasion like wedding and engagement will do the trick.  Selecting engagement saree for the bride is not easy, so here are some smart tips for would-be-bride to select engagement saree.

1 Explore latest trends:
Never buy the attire in a hurry. Some of you will say that we need to go for a heavy saree or Lehenga Choli, and then what difference it makes. Well, it is sure that you would not want to look like another nine out of ten bride on your engagement day. Take time and explore latest trends, the latest styles that are doing rounds is Lehenga Style Saree, Gown Style Saree, Full Length Anarkali etcetera. A choice of stylish attire that perfectly blends with your persona will not only make you stand out, but your guests will also appreciate your fashion sense.

2 Careful with colors:
It’s obvious that you are going to choose the color according to your complexion, but still there are points to be considered. Give a skip to peach, baby blue, and pink, they are the shades for small girls. These shades look good on babies and girls when they are growing up. Next comes darker shades – keep them aside for the wedding day. The attires in pastel and cream shades are a good choice for engagement. Don’t forget to keep the time of the ceremony in mind as it will make your decision easy.

3 Break the monotony:
The fashion designers are coming up with unique pattern and designs. A saree that has a series of picture of Mahabharata or Ramayana is unique in every sense. Color changing saree is another wonderful creation of Indian fashion designers that is just apt for engagement ceremony. Double shaded outfits can be another great choice. Whatever, style or color you choose just make sure it enhances your look, and most importantly is perfect for the occasion.

4 Get the right look:
Once the dress is decided then it is time for deciding the make-up and hairdo because makeup and hairstyle are going to be different for every attire. First, decide the look then tell your beautician to give you a look that matches with that style. Try out few different looks then go for the one that is the best. Ask your beautician to use waterproof make-up. Also go for minimum jewelry, you can opt for delicate jewelry.

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5 Say Hello to heels:
Selection of footwear is as important as the selection of engagement saree and jewelry. Avoid flat footwear; instead go for high or mid heels. It will make you look tall. If you have not worn heels then wear them as much as possible. If you don’t practice, then people will notice the awkwardness in the walk.
Follow these 5 tips to look stunning on your engagement ceremony.



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