The Kanjeevaram sari is a traditional attire that is woven in the village of Kanchipuram, Tamil Nadu. Kanjeevaram silk saris dominate the South Indian sari market. They are the height of sophistication, suitable for any religious ceremony, occasion or wedding.

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The Origin of Kanjeevaram

The King of the Chola dynasty ruled in Kanjeevaram between 985 and 1014 AD. During his reign, he started the silk trade. However when Krishna-Deva Raya took the throne in the early 15th century, the Saligars and Devangas, weaving communities from Andhra Pradesh, moved to Kanjeevaram. Their move marked a historical migration of the silk industry to Tamil Nadu.

kanjeevaram saree onlineThese two weaving communities had extensive experience and knowledge of silk weaving. The Kanjeevaram sari bears patterns and designs that are seen in Hindu scriptures and on temple walls. The silk of this region continues to be highly regarded amongst other silks in the world.

online kanjeevaram sareesToday, there are approximately 5,000 families who are directly involved in the weaving of Kanjeevaram saris.

The Making of Kanjeevaram Saris

Kanjeevaram saris are made from pure silk which is obtained from the mulberry worm. The silk is hand woven and is double wept or double warped. The warp frame has about 60 holes which is capable of weaving 240 threads. The increased number of threads in a single weave is what makes a Kanjeevaram sari so sturdy.

silk saree onlineEach sari is finished off with a zari border in either silver or gold. For a gold border, the silver is first woven in and then it is later coated with gold.

The design of a Kanjeevaram ranges widely from stripes, checks and florals to natural motifs such as birds, animals and leaves. Many intricately made Kanchivarams feature scriptures and images from Hindu texts and South Indian temples. The pallus are woven with paintings showing depictions from the Ramayana and Mahabharata.

Depending on the intricacy of the sari design, a single Kanjeevaram sari requires up to 1 week to be woven.

buy kanjeevaram sareeThe Kanjeevaram sari is the number one attire of choice for South Indian brides.

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