Are you fond of handbags?

Even if you are not – it is time for you to fall in love with them! A ladies handbag may seem like a very common thing, but it depicts what kind of a woman you are. For an instance; women, who prefer larger and broader handbags, are said to be quite beauty conscious and particular about using their own stuffs; since they carry a lot of things in their bags, size matters for them. On the other hand, those women, who carry clutches or small bags, are simple and elegant, who don’t like carrying a lot of things while traveling.

It doesn’t matter what kind of a handbag you use, all that matters is that you use it in the correct way and trend it up with the new styles in the market. Here is a list of the top six must have handbag colors for you:

1) Brown (stolen from the wicked woods): Have you ever been into the woods? Have you ever seen those lovely trunks that stand tall to make people aware about the beauty of the lush green leaves? If you are a fan of nature, brown is the color you must select for your handbags. The best part is that this color is not only casual, but also formal as well.

2) Pink (childhood memories): We all know that this color represents girlhood! When the women are girls, they are extremely fond of this beautiful and elegant shade. If you have always been in love with this color, buy a pink colored bag and style it up with your casual tees and jeans.

3) Red (the shade that runs through your veins): There can be no other color better than red. Whether you want to catch the eyes of the crowd or look different at some party, this is the color that can suffice your craving for fashion. The next time you go to the market, don’t forget to buy a nice red colored bag that you can carry in any party.

4) Black (seduction unlimited): Even though a lot of people believe that this color is unlucky and not very good, there are others that can’t survive without wearing darkness. If you are a woman of substance and have the guts to wear black, this is the color that you need to look for in the handbag you wish to carry.

5) Bottle green (extracted from the bed of mysterious ocean): If you have a few minutes, go ahead and search for coral wallpapers; the underwater life is just so beautiful. When you look at bottle green colored handbags, you remember all those stones, aquatic plants and sea creatures found in the ocean.

6) Yellow (an unforgettable appearance): Yellow is the color for all those ladies, who wish to bring some sunshine into their lives. It is said that this is the shade that captures the attention of the human brain first. If you want to look pretty, let this color be your best friend!

To buy Handbags visit online stores. Nowadays there are stores that sell traditional Indian attire like Bridal Saree, gowns along with accessories. Here, you will come across a variety of handbags, clutches, slings and potli that match with your attire.


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