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The fashion industry has always gifted us with new, trendy and latest get up. Mainly, its woman, who craves for unique, innovative and eye catching attire. The Indian saree is one such attire which has not lost its charm and elegance since last thousands of years of its origin. In fact, it has evolved as more elegant, more stylish and has become the most accepted attire. This Indian style represents the Indian woman throughout the world.

Indian saree is one such attire that suits to women of any age, any region and any culture no matter how she originally looks. The varied option makes it fit to wear at any occasion be it simple like the birthday party or a glamorous party. This is daily wear attire for Indian woman. The saree can be defined as an unstitched cloth with a varying length of 4-9 meters. This long length cloth is draped around the body, and you would surprise to know that there are innumerable styles of draping this long cloth.

The simplest method of draping includes wrapping its one end around the waist and draping other end over the shoulder. The myriad of other draping style has made women believe that saree is very difficult to drape but, the most common and popular method is quite simple, easy to learn and handle. Although owing to the difficulty in learning the wearing style, designers have come up with semi stitched saree where pleats and plates of pallu are stitched. This type of saree is easier to wear than salwar kameez.

The elegance of saree is incomplete without a skirt and a blouse. The India style blouse is a short length with deep neck. They basically hide the upper abdomen part of women till the mid riff. The skirt is worn just below the navel point. The stylish blouses look exquisite with designer sarees. In this common style, one end is tied around the skirt, and pleats are created which is inserted right at the front centre in the skirt. The remaining part is draped over the shoulder and plates are made which are tucked up on the top of the shoulder with the help of a safety pin. In designer sarees, the cloth around the waist is different from the shoulder one. Waist cloth is such as that it is easy to wrap the saree comfortably. For daily wear, quite simple sarees are available in synthetic cloth or cotton having printed flowers or embroidery.

Sarees have always won the woman’s heart and will continue doing that with all new and stylish varieties coming in the market every other day. Enjoy the style and elegance of saree by choosing a style of your choice.


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