Party Wear Sarees
Party Wear Sarees

Indian sarees have a captivating look, and thus it resides in the hearts of millions of people. It is like an epitome of rich cultural values and regional diversities of India all over the world. Not only Indian ladies but the modern and stylish foreign ladies have a specific charm for this six yard Indian cloth. This emphasizes the beauty of women and looks elegant on any type of physique whether tall, short, and fat or thin.

Spellbinding options in sarees provides you a blend of simplicity and magnificence. Each state and the region have a different variety to offer, depending on their traditions and values. There are other countries like Sri Lanka, Bangladesh which also have a culture of wearing sarees and have own production houses there but there is no match to the quality and designs of Indian sarees. Saree market is scaling its heights day by day due to its growing popularity.

Famous Varieties of Indian Sarees- Top of India, Kashmir to the tip, Kanyakumari offers an enormous range of sarees varying in designs, texture, fabrics, style of draping, etc. Most adored varieties are found in Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Gujarat, and Tamil Nadu. The famous varieties are-

1. Banaras Sarees: Exclusive range of banarasi sarees offers you peerless varieties and you cannot stop yourself buying one for your wardrobe. Weaved with intricate patterns and beautiful mogul designs, this saree add grace to the Indian brides. Banarasi saree has a particular style where a narrow pattern is designed on inner and outer side of the border. This design appears like upright leaves and is named as Jhallar. Banarsi sarees are woven with pure gold threads and require weeks to create a single piece. That is one of main reason it is quite expensive.

2. Kota Doria Sarees: This collection is a must purchase during the summer season. These sarees looks elegant and sober and are available in light-weight cotton. This Rajasthani attractive piece is one of the most exquisite options in the list of Indian sarees.

3. Kanjevaram Sarees: You must have definitely heard of this name and the list of Indian sarees is incomplete without mentioning this variety. This south Indian variety is made up of pure silk and is woven with silver threads dipped in gold. Peacock and parrot designs are created on theses sarees having a thick base of silk. Due to its unique creation and unmatchable patterns theses sarees are very expensive but has high durability.

4. Konrad Sarees: The name states its origin from Tamil Nadu where it is also known by the name of “temple” sarees. Earlier these sarees were woven by temple deities and thus got its name from there. Now it is professionally designed by experts and is widely worn by brides. Initially they were available in brown, white or grey shades, but now bright bridal colors are available in these sarees.

Browsing through the Internet you will come across a large number of manufacturers of Indian saree having an online business.


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