“Gone are the days when your vacation suitcases are donned with loose pajamas or just a plain-printed salwar kameez. Mid of 2013 has come which calls for vacations. Just name the place you are planning to go and find what fashion from runway 2013 will be your look there. Give your vacation wardrobe a makeover and you’ll wind up with awesome photos. We bring you Style Guide- a guide to your summer Vacations and the Indian designers who, we assume, might be inspired by these locations while designing their collections.”

1. Beaches/Sea Shores- Beaches are the best rescue from hot summers.

Gaurang Shah: The White Mermaid outfit with lace and floral embroidery by Gaurang seems to be inspired by the same idea of sea shores. Get similar inspiration from this watery destination!

Yogesh Choudhary : He too seemed to be inspired by sea-waves and the creature in there! His label ‘Surendri’ showed Fish motifs on outfits. A quirky and trendy fashion of 2013. Find similar inspiration in this salwar kameez.

Designer duo- Shivam & Naresh: The designers known for best beachwears in India brought prominent structures and candy floss like color palates on flowy sarees. Get similar idea in with this saree from IWS.


2. Nomadic Asia/Tribal America: Go Gypsy!

The following designers are seemed to be inspired by the Tribal groups across the globe. Bringing in the fashions from these clans, let’s see what inspired them:

Tanvi Kedia’s Bodice: Her collection was called Tribal Winds. A lot of tribal embroidery with a vintage & gypsy trend looked beautiful in jackets. This tribal embroidery was mixed with digital prints. Chic isn’t it? Get similar style.

Ruchika Sachdev’s Bodice: She showed a lot of Patch works in outfits. She had a very town girl take on tribal with colorful Patchwork and Beading. Get this similar style of beads and Patchwork in anarkali.

Pia Pauro: Her collection was very Hippie and nomadic. She used Kilim carpet prints on outfits. Get this different style of carpet prints in thread work of salwar kameez.

Ikat- Ikat is a kind of dye done on clothes. You can understand it more closely through picture in inset. Get this trend in salwar kameez.

3. England-

Rajesh Pratap Singh: He showed many English trends in Autumn/Winter collection. So, while you travel England, don’t forget to get few English trends along. Rajesh’s collection showed:

Herringbone- Close to Optical trend, this English trend is derived from Herringbone fabric.

Plaids- derived style from Plaid fabric. Find similar in salwar kameez.

4. Europe-

Rahul Mishra: Baroque is an art originated around 1600 in Rome, Italy and spread to most of Europe. Rahul’s collection was called ‘The Baroque Tree’ where he showed baroque work in different colors. Get this European tradition in salwar kameez.

5. South America/South India- Up for a Jungle Safari?

Payal Jain: If you are not much experimenting, let these animal prints in black and white. Like designer Payal Jain who brought the monochrome animal prints on runways. Huge statement we say! Get similar inspiration in this saree.

‘Save our Tigers Initiative’ collection by Vaishali S: So while you enjoy the safari, be sure to support the Save-Tiger cause. Make Tiger Skin as the bold prints statement on your salwar kameez.

6. Egypt- Is it  Egypt? Don’t panic, we aren’t asking you to wear some mummy-outfit!

Charu Parashar: We are talking Egyptian tombs here. The awestruck paintings on the ceilings of these tombs are worth painted on clothes. Designer Charu Parashar put these circular designs as prints on her outfits. Get this inspired fashion in salwar kameez.

7. Rajasthan- Colors, Royal traditions, Spices and many more

Pallavi Jaipur: “The harmonious blend of colors, fabrics and playful embroideries show vastness and depth of my desert state. Be it the crowded streets or old markets of Jaipur, everything seems so inspiring to me. Emphasizing on global style, luxury and wear ability, I always incorporate traditional forms with modern sensibilities to create contemporary garments.”  Find similar inspiration in this anarkali.

Samant Chauhan: His collection was inspired by Rajput Poshaks. (Rajputs are royal clans of Rajasthan). The beautiful gold leaves embellished on white or off-white garment give a royal look. Find this trend in Anarkali, for a perfect vacation on this land.

8.  Assam- The Eastern India

Vaishali Shadangule: Inspired by Assam’s traditional women’s attire: Mekhla chadar, which has three layers- Vaishali took this into anarkali and gave them beautiful layering. So, if your destination is Eastern India- get this inspired style in Anarkali from our collection.

9.  Himalayas- Planning to get some mind peace this summer?

Riddhi and Siddhi: This sister-duo designer is the best call for your wardrobe. The designers showed collection inspired by Indian yoga, ashrams- a practice among Sages at Himalayas. They say: “The Upanishads explain to us that the body is like a fabric. It can get dirty but the soul remains untouched. Just as gold cannot be affected by any acid and is deemed the purest metal.” Find similar peaceful inspiration in this salwar kameez.

10. Weekend Picnic- Pack your picnic basket with juice, cake and sandwhiches and move to the valley!

Reynu Tandon: She must be outing with her friends while she came up with this idea. Her label ‘Mynah’ showed Sceneric Embroidery at the central panel. A total Urban Goddess look. Get similar style in this salwar kameez.

11. Road Trip- A long drive on the highway!

Archana Kochhar: Seeing her design prints, her motivation behind is clear. She brought highways, footpaths, zebra crossings motifs on sarees and salwar kameez. Get similar inspiration in this saree from IWS.


Have any other destination in mind? Share with us, and we will come back with that palce’s inspired fashion! For the latest fashion across world, follow us on Facebook and Twitter.














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