My only blog I swear having these many questions! Go ahead…

No no no…its not a drama class. Its me! What am I trying to do? I have decided to pack all those pretty sarees I showed you lately and bring them with me back to my home. And why am I taking the TRUNK with me? Because it will remind me of those hidden beautiful memories I have recently met.

Only while packing did I found this mustard saree. I quickly wore it not to miss my last look of this trunk. As soon as I thought it would be my last look, I dragged this magenta color lehenga-choli underneath all the items it was kept. I inspected it from all the sides to see why it was at the bottom? Was it a rejected piece by granny?  Look at the beautiful gold embroidery it has. It couldn’t be a rejected piece.

When I asked, granny said it was the first outfit grandpa gifted her after their marriage. So why was it so deeply hidden? She said she hid it as she and grandpa made a bet that she would wear it once if he invited her to dance with him. Oh God…that means they never danced together! That’s why the saree was under wraps. But this doesn’t mean he wasn’t romantic. He was shy. And this shyness was the beauty of their relationship. So anyways..I quickly mimicked the young wife in her…with dupatta on head and covering half face in shyness.

…and I didn’t stop there. I kept my act ongoing. Granny and I laughed for long. I will miss her. I can imagine the special place I hold in her heart because she has allowed me to take all her memories. Not even her own daughter, not even her daughter-in-law. It is me who got these beautiful memorandums.  Probably the only question to end this story is…Had granny not valued these memories much, would I still be able to write these stories?



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