When I found this saree in old trunk, I immediately rushed to my granny asking its story. She told me about the time she met her in-laws for the first time. They, along with grandpa, had come to see her and finalize their marriage (an Indian Custom). She told me how she felt when they were sitting in front of her asking questions, checking her intellect and her looks. I again went back to the room and closed the door. I tried her saree. Wearing it over my Jeans, I tried to enact her. The shyness. The obvious smile of the moment. I found grandpa’s picture which was shown to granny before wedding. In this picture he looks so THIN! Not handsome at all. I will never marry a guy who is so thin..No No No!

There are thousands of customs we follow when married in Indian style. Which also include gifts coming from all directions. As a sign of good luck, the day granny got married, she was gifted a clay doll as a token of entering new house. She was expected to be a good home maker. A good cook. A good wife and daughter-in-law.  So many expectations. Will I ever become like her..so complete? Don’t know. Till then…I can only tease this doll.

Doll was still in my one hand while my other hand was struggling through this box of jewelry. They were tribal style jewelry. Tried some on the doll…some on me.  The only piece I liked was a neck piece, totally matching with the saree I was wearing.  I might give it a try in some function.

…or I can act trendier and can use that neck piece as my tiara! Stupid thoughts but so full of life.  I covered my head with saree and tried acting like the newly married bride from 60’s era. I want to stay my way whole life. Not as a ‘Doll’ who is manually instructed to become perfect. I am not clay. I will take my shape with time.

Since the door was closed, I made the bride and groom kiss. I became the Prince of Persia enjoying his grape wine. And I also made efforts of finding my Jeannie in the jar. Love. Greed. Wish.

Suddenly granny knocked the door. In order to answer fast, I slipped while moving from the top of trunk.  Checked her precious saree if my super fast reaction has caused any damaged to it. Phew! Combed my hair to not show the proof of what I was up to ..rolled the saree back into the trunk…with a desire to wear it again one day.

(to be continued…)



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