Silk Sarees
Silk Sarees

The word “Silk Saree”, make women skip there heartbeat. This beautiful attire comes in an array of colors and unique designs.  Indian brides especially south Indian brides love to adorn expensive Bridal Silk Saree on their wedding day.

India is a land of vast diversity and here, each region has own traditional attire, but this outfit is uniform throughout the country. The only difference you will come across is the draping style.  The Indian women like to wear Saree made from silk during wedding, festive seasons and any other special occasion. The South Indian Silk Sarees made of pure silk is famous for artistic beauty and glamour.

Types of Indian Silk Saris

This attire from different regions of India varies in patterns and designs. Some of the popular Sarees are Kanchipuram Silk Saree, Banarasi Silk Saree, Bandhni Silk Saree, Tanchoi Silk Sarees, Patola Silk Sarees, and Paithani Sarees.

The Banarasi: The silk clothes made in the holy city of Banaras are very popular and expensive. It is said that gold threads are used for making this attire, which makes them very expensive, and are concerned as a perfect bridal wear. Mainly you will come across four varieties of this attire – Georgette, Sattir, Katari and Kora. The designs you will generally find on Banarasi Saree includes flowers, birds, decorative patterns and nature. Highly skilled weavers weave this attire, and at times, it takes them almost a month to make a single outfit.

The Kanchipuram: The distinct and vivacious color makes Kanchipuram Silk Sarees, a unique choice for women who want to look different.  The customary designs include flower-patterns, unique checks and stripes, and designs of temples. The border known as Pallu is woven separately from the main body of the garment. Once woven, it is attached to the Sari to give it an authentic Kanchipuram style. These attires are widely popular for their beauty, gleam and durability.

The Bandhni Sarees: These Sarees originate from Rajasthan and Gujarat. They are designed by using traditional way of tie and dye, which is commonly known as Bandhej. Interesting designs and patterns is formed on the clothing using vibrant colors.

The Tanchoi Sarees: These apparels from north India have one of its kind Pallu and the designs comprises of flowery motifs.

The Paithani Sarees: Paithani Silk saris are made from silk and include intricate metallic patterns. The colors used for making these attires are derived from various natural sources like leaves, flowers, and soil etcetera. These attires are considered to be very graceful and luxurious.


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