I know that many of you will be stirred by waiting for this last blog which is speaking about the end of my journey (in an airplane, probably). So here is the update.


So I left that ‘home’ and moved towards the local bus stand. The nice family had packed me food for journey. With only Rs. 100 left with me, I had no plan in mind where and how I would travel. Whether this time it would be a lift or a plead! It was none. No bus came for almost an hour. So I walked for a kilometer or so and found this old taxi stand from where I could reach the nearest cities. Without calculating my wallet, I hired one and asked him to go to any station.


Trust me the meter was running quite fast. It crossed Rs. 110 in 15 minutes. Now it was time to confess to the driver about my monetary situation. I did. He asked me to get out of his cab. So immature right! Anyway I had to. So I gave him my last 100 rupees and stood clueless while the taxi went back. I was again all alone in that place. The place seemed like a cantonment area.

 The next thing I saw was a huge blast of sand and dust all around me. I thought it was a blast…a BLAST!  I had gone numb and sat down covering my head. And a few moments later someone held my hands and asked- “Are you ok?”

*It was love at first sight, and I had no idea what had just happened. He was in the army and they have their training going on in that area. Whatever, he was my hero by then. Friends, it was the very first time in my life I had ever liked someone so much, and I was so sure that even my parents would be amazed by seeing him. He was a man fulfilling their and MY dreams.*

I answered with a nod as I was busy staring his good looks. It was like my long list of ‘how I wanted my husband to be’ had come true. He smiled at me and I smiled back. He offered me some water as he thought I got a mini shock and had choked. We talked for few minutes. I, like flowing water, told him everything that happened with me in these few days. We were not strangers by then. We laughed and shared talks and the food packed in my bag.

He had to go and so was I supposed to. As you are assuming it right, both of us promised to meet soon. This is one fast decision of life that I was never going to regret.


He decided to drop me-to the airport- in his army HELICOPTER!!! Ok yeah…he had to go through a lot of questioning from his seniors but there was no way out! All the transport was seized in that area because of some security purposes. He didn’t want me to travel haywire anymore, so he decided I should return home in an airplane. He also asked me to apologize to my parents. This time I was really listening to someone. This time I wanted to follow what he said. He dropped me to the airport and bought me ticket to my city. The time we landed in the ‘special service’ helicopter was a whole new experience and envy for many…Ha-ha!


So I was in the plane and was already missing him. I wished he was with me and traveled with me to my home. I wanted my parents to see him so that they forget all the anger and bless us! Awww…..my dreams…..

Next I heard the romantic song from my favorite film. It was like violins playing in my ears. Don’t believe me? Well…It was my alarm. It was 8 in the morning. I was not in any airplane; I was on my bed under my blanket. So it’s all over. The man of my dreams was actually in my dreams, not in real life. Needless to say, I was disappointed, but it’s been a fun adventure.

(to be continued…..HERE!)


And then my door bell rang. Guess What!!!!??? He was there. He was there with my brother. They had come for… Actually does it matter now? This is destiny. I believe in it. That’s why I shared these stories with you all. 🙂




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