What after the bus…well it was not a warm bed to take rest. For me it would be a truck, a luggage truck. You must be wondering why a truck. Because the place where I was, had no other moving object on the road.  However, the story made its twist. The bus had dropped me to an almost remote area. I was over with my budget so it was time to ask for a lift. I tried for 10 mints (gratitude to my patience).

And then I stood in the middle of the road to stop someone. It looked crazy on the speedy highway. And the first vehicle to collide into me was a tractor. Without asking anything, the tractor’s driver signaled me to sit on the back of his “shuttle”.


I immediately thanked him and boarded it. Aware of the bad consequences, I was chanting Hindu mantras for my safety. There were few other people sharing the joy ride with me. They were chatting in their regional language so I was kind of enjoying it 🙂  Few good women even offered me their hand cooked food. God bless them, I was really hungry.

Hey I forgot to update you about who all were there in the back of tractor- it was me, 1 sleeping kid, 4 women chatting, 2 men smoking and 1 calf. Yes a teen bull! Who was busy eating its straws the whole way until…


..until it took interest in me. It started smelling me with its wet big nose. I guess it was the love at first sight which I definitely was not enjoying. “Hey, kid, you should at least bathe before flirting with ladies. Don’t you know that?” – I thought.  But thank God…its master had to get down at next stop, so they left.


After the tractor reached its destination, I got down. Nowhere else to go, I sat on a milestone with my three big bags. It was already dark and obviously I was scared. Watch out for God’s plan everywhere, folks – that boy from the bus whom I wanted to kill, he bumped into me that evening. He was with his mother. And I swear she was a chatter box too. They asked me to accompany them to their village. I guess he wasn’t that bad I described him in previous blog!

They took me to their home while on the way I explained them the reason of my traveling in a bride’s attire. Anyway…back to their place, she served me hot chapattis and a green vegetable with a glass of buttermilk. I had a sound sleep that night. By the morning I was totally a part of this family of nine. It was a typical Indian joint family. I enjoyed every bit there. I played with the four grandchildren, and like every village kid we trespassed into somebody’s farm and stole sweet sugarcanes. I was totally a village belle then.  


We kiddos cycled in the village streets. Played all sorts of games like hide and seek, ice-water, marbles and even enjoyed tire swings hanging from tall trees. With the elders, I learned how to milk a cow, I enjoyed seeing the women in fields. I tried to be useful and thankful for my warm stay.


Now I had to leave that place. I couldn’t be holidaying there for so many days. So I bid them adieu and moved. I felt bad. It was like I was leaving my family for the second time. And then I thought about my family. I was away from them for 5 days. I thought about my mom…however I continued traveling, hoping that I would explain everything one day.

After reading all the previous blogs, you must have noticed one thing that I had traveled in almost every possible conveyance. Right?!  Wrong. One is still left- the air- the aero plane- or the charter…Ha-ha!


(To be continued…)

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