As you may know, I traveled in train which dropped me to a village to where my would-be groom belonged. For this one I can say, without a doubt that this Bus ride had a bigger bang on me than any other.

So I was really scared what if I come face to face with any of his relatives! I was dressed up like a typical Indian bride and I had a fear if anyone could recognize me. So in a non decisive mental status, I boarded the first random bus outside the railway station.


It was a roadways bus which had more number of people than seats. I somehow managed to grab a window seat in that crowded transport. For those initial few minutes I found people staring at me. I WAS the bride so obviously I was loaded with jewelries and beautiful shimmer saree. Anyway…Why didn’t anyone notice my running shoes?


The ‘lucky-I’ was not lucky this time. I had a bad…really bad experience in the bus. Thanks to my kickass crew of passengers. A young boy sitting in front of me had a lot to share with everyone on the bus. From his talks I could find out that he stayed in my city for a month or so and was returning back to his home at the village. So he was sharing that long story of his stay. He spoke about everything. Believe me- Everything! First he started with how he managed to get a rental place then his job, etc along with the slideshow of his photos in his mobile. Second, he was too curious to offer sweets he had bought from the city to everyone in the bus. I must acknowledge his one strange habit here. Every time he was offering to one person, he was putting it back in his bag which was very deep inside the luggage space. So every time he had to take out others’ bags first in order to do his adjustments. Well till here it was still bearable until almost everyone from the back seats started visiting him. To add more to my horror, he started with his city story all over again for everyone who came. This longed for almost an hour. I had two options- one to kill him, second to throw him out of the window.


But I chose the third option – sleep. Somehow I managed to grab few minutes of nap. I was quite tired ‘running’. After all, I had to regain energy…for my long journey.

(to be continued…)


*For the saree that the bride wore, go to


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