That day everybody would have thought/screamed ‘Where could the bride possibly be?’ If they all wanted to find the Runaway Bride, then they kind of needed this blog. Boo!

What is a wedding? Good food, good clothes, good dancing, good times? This blog is dedicated to the day which led to the following story. Here I am talking about MY marriage. Which eventually I didn’t attend. So it all started with the day when my parents made me meet this guy. A guy whom I did not like at the very first glance. Forgive me for these words but he was short, bald and yes how I can forget his bulging tummy. Fine…I may be exaggerating a bit but trust me he was quite close to what I have described.  

Although I am not the one who believes in ‘Till death do us apart!’ but I am a diehard of big fat Indian weddings and I have always dreamt to have one. Like every other girl I want to marry a man of my dreams who fulfills few criteria of my ‘what-I-want-him-to-look-like’ list. And clearly that guy was not fulfilling any. Imagine if I married him…

So it came as a huge shock to all friends and family when few hours before the marriage, no one found the bride. You guessed it right, I decided to run. This could disappoint my family, the guests and my fiancé but I couldn’t think of anything better.

 So I packed my bags, took charge and walked through the door. By the way..I didn’t forget to pack all my beautiful wedding attires. There was no way I was leaving them behind. No ways!


That very second I thought that I was an overgrown infant in an adult’s body. A child standing on roadside waiting for a timely entry of auto rickshaw (so that I could flee soon from my backyard). Fortunately I got one. Hurriedly I slipped inside it and asked him to move to the railway station.


I was carrying very less money with me. So less that if I (ever) wanted to get back home from railway station, I would have to walk! I had to plead the rickshaw driver to charge me less. And see the girl’s charm….he agreed.

(to be continued…)

*For the Lehenga that the bride wore, go to


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