In this blog we will continue telling you another Indian Mythological story which signify the beginning of our dear festival – Rakhi. This story is of Rani Karnavati & Emperor Humayun. Enjoy the story-telling along with our imaginative photo shoot adaptation!

Queen Karnavati was from Mewar and a widow of King Rana Sanga. Her elder son Vikramjeet was the ruler of that place. Once, Bahadur Shah of Gujarat attacked Mewar. Since Bahadur Shah had already defeated Vikramjeet earlier, Karanvati seeked for help from the nobles. Meanwhile, she also decided to ask help from none other than Mughal emperor Humayun.

Here, Karnavati is whistling to call the Pigeon which will take her message to Emperor Humayun.

Here, Karnavati is guiding the pigeon about the whole plan of how to reach Humayun and give him Rakhi.

Rani Karnavati sent him a Rakhi to sought protection. Although Humayun was in middle of another military campaign, he immediately decided to abandon all of it and turned to help Mewar and its rulers.

But the story says that he never made on time and Bahadur Shah defeated Vikramjeet and Karnavati committed Jauhar (an act of self-immolation as she didn’t want to go to Bahadur Shah). Later, it is said that Bahadur Shah had to quit because Humayun’s military arrived and thrashed him out of Mewar. Later, Humayun was the one who restored the kingdom to Vikramjeet; hence fulfilling his promise of protect Karnawati’s son.

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