Have you ever thought from where the festival of Rakhi has emerged? Who tied the first Rakhi ever to her brother? What could be the reason behind this tradition and why is this a big rage in our country!

In this blog we are talking about the famous mythological stories from ancient times which prove to be the beginning of Rakhi festival. We have enacted each story to make it more interesting. Go ahead, read and let us know how you find them.The first story is of Lord Krishna and Draupadi

This is probably one of the most famous fables of Rakhi. The story says that once Krishna cut his small finger while handling sugarcane. Seeing this, Krishna’s queen Rukmani orders servants to get bandage. Even Sathyabama, his other consort rushed to bring some piece of cloth herself. But as soon as Draupadi saw his hand bleeding, her heart ached and……

…she immediately tore a piece from her saree that she was wearing. Without thinking for another moment, she bandaged his finger with that piece.

Seeing this gesture, Krishna was so moved that he promised Draupadi that he will protect her during the time of distress. The story version says that Krishna uttered the word ‘Akshyam’ which means ‘may it be unending’.

Later, in the Mahabharata chapter, when Draupadi was embarrassed by disrobing her saree in full public view, Krishna made her saree endless and saved her the humiliation.

<<Keep an eye here for second Rakhi story>>


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