Dupattas are known to offer any traditional dress the top-up of style and elegance. Even with a simple dupatta, you can make your kurta suit look more dressed-up and complete. This is why you have designers dedicatedly working on dupatta options to lift up the presence you carry with a traditional Indian outfit.

As you go out shopping you may get many interesting options for dupattas, wraps, and stoles. But it is really a tough job to pick the latest and the exclusive ones out the muddle of designs, styles, and patterns.

To make it easy for you we are taking you thorough the finest ensemble of dupattas that are charting high in women’s wardrobe.

Find your draping treasure out of these various hand-picked selections of dupattas. Take it home to spruce-up your 2020 outfit like a glam queen!

The Lively and Vibrant – Phulkari Dupatta

Phulkari Dupatta

If you love to wear colors and vibrance, Phulkari Dupatta is for you. Phulkari derives its name from two words Phul (Flower) and Kari (Craft). So, expect everything bright, absorbing, and emotive, with thisclothing craft which is typically based on flowers. Some of the typical characteristics of a Phulkari Dupatta are intricate floral embroidery done on a coarse cotton base with soft floss silk thread. It offers you the tribal folkloric feel of attire. Search for heavy work dupatta online and you will find these with great options to serve your style.

Regally Charging – Banarasi Silk Dupatta

Banarasi Silk Dupatta

Make your vintagewardrobe heirlooms reveal their best styling virtues forming an alliance with golden themed silky Banarasi dupatta. The heavier you go with this dupatta the better you bring that regal act of clothing to your wardrobe. A Banarasi Silk Dupatta looks alluring with traditional ornaments and works with all occasions and festivities where you need to get that dressed-up look! Searching for Banarasi dupatta online, you may land up towardsmany options that belong here.

Gently brilliant – Chiffon Dupatta

Chiffon Dupatta

While you look to buy dupatta online, you are most likely to get Chiffon Dupattas available with most of the sellers and across all platforms. The basic reason is Chiffons are sheer light weight and easy to carry fabrics. A Chiffon dupatta canglam-up your everyday dressing as effectively as it draws attention to embroidered and elaborated designs for festivities. A great way to beat the heat of summers. So, it is a popular ladies dupatta which is used commonly by women across all stretches of lifestyle.

Breezy fashion – Net Dupatta

Net Dupatta

Net Dupattas set up a different league of fashion. If you look for designer dupatta online, you will find the widest collection of women dupattas in the net material. The reason is net dupattas go with all styles of dressings and come in various price ranges. You get them in a variety of fabrics and finishing – from soberly toned to exuberantly printed and profoundly embellished.Here you can opt for flashy golden net dupatta, subtle unitones, spirited multi-shades, and many other color options. Making for a great way to expand your styling range, in your budget.

Legacy Artform – Kalamkari Dupatta

Kalamkari Dupatta

It is some serious textile artform that goes into creating Kalamkari Dupattas. You will find this form of dupattas in hand block-printed designs that follow the technique of pigment dying which is totally organic in its source and application. This clothing craft is inspired by the vintage artforms endorsed by the people of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh from generations. Something that offers strikingly amazing results with western contemporary fashion.


Dupattas are a real magic word for wardrobes. These can work as accessories, add-ons, style highlights, iconic stylers and much more of that to add to the range and veracity of your clothing collection. And these are some of the essential picks that you can’t miss to have in your Indian dressing line-up. While you go for dupatta online shopping just keep these on your list and you will be making the most of the dupatta fashion.


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