Do you roll your eyes over it, when you see Monochrome Black and White and think that it is boring? If so, think again. Remember Coco Chanel in her Monochrome Chanel suit. Monochrome is back with an energetic force with the release of spring 2013 collection. It is one of the simplest, most chic, definitely classic and truly a bold statement. Go through the trends below you can try in Monochrome, and infuse style in your wardrobe!

1. Stripes: There are many ways monochrome can be styled in, but, top on the trend list for the 2013 spring/summer collection is the monochrome stripes.

2. Microprints: Continued from last year, this year too we have seen a lot of vivid colors taking a back seat and giving way to monochrome and prints. And that too Microprints.

3. Floral prints with Lace: You probably have a few black and white items hanging in your wardrobe. Right! Use those white lace hemmed pants to pair with a black mix print kameez. It looks like monochrome is possibly one of the easiest summer trends to execute.

4. Tribal cum Optical prints: The black and white trend is also the perfect opposite to the many feminine and colorful trends but that is why it is called a bold statement. Wearing this combination with Tribal/Optical prints make it twistier!

So Ladies, note it down that black and white definitely draws attention to you! To shop more such latest fashions, visit


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