The 66th Cannes Film Festival is running and to our great honor, many stars from Bollywood are walking its Red Carpet. But most importantly, it is Vidya Balan who is one of the jury members of the film festival.

Balan was once an easy target for fashion police, but now the world waits for her appearances. Draped in beautiful cotton, silk sarees, Vidya has become the protagonist of Indian Woman’s silhouette. What she would wear at 66th Cannes Film Festival remained the talk of the town till the time she made her first appearance there. And definitely, her favorite designer Sabyasachi Mukherjee stays in limelight all this while. In this blog, we present you a flashback of days when Sabyasachi was deciding her looks for Cannes. Interview source:  Vogue India.

About the similarities they share:

Sabyasachi: “I think collaborations happen not because of creative abilities, but because of commonalities in ideologies. What Vidya Balan represents in film, I represent in fashion. We’re both successful in a mainstream way, but we’re not mainstream people. Our middle-class upbringing has given us unshakeable values.”

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Sabyasachi’s reaction after knowing what Vidya likes to wear:

Sabyasachi says: “I asked her ‘What do you like wearing?’ and she said she likes sarees and kurtas….   And cotton sarees. I told her if you like wearing cotton sarees, you should wear cotton sarees.

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Upon deciding her looks for Cannes:

Vidya: Sabya, I want to be Indian.

Sabyasachi: We’ll do a purist movement. “Golconda princess” is Sabyasachi’s imaginary reference. “She’s basically a fictitious character in my head.”

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About the fabric used in her Cannes looks:

Sabyasachi says: “I’m not pressurized by the fact that this is a red carpet. She’s also jury so there has to be a certain kind of dignity in what she wears. Khadi is the most beautiful fabric. It’s malleable, it drapes well, and it has a strong organic texture. We’re keeping a retro feel throughout.”

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